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Research in Materials

Metallurgy Roadmap Made in and for Europe - The Perspective of Producers and End-Users

Materials Modelling: Where do we want to go?
(August 2014)

European Research and Innovation in Materials Science and Engineering: Towards a Prioritisation of Research Topics
(November 2013)

From research to innovation: Expert opinion on new materials based innovation
(June 2013)

European Research and Innovation in Materials Science and Engineering: What to change in the future? - February 2013

Environmental Issues in FP7 NMP Projects on Materials
(added September 2012)

Materials in the creative industries: creativity-driven innovation
Report on the round table discussion, 05 October 2012, Brussels

What makes a material function? Let me compute the ways…
Modelling in FP7 NMP Programme - Materials projects

Towards a Coordinated Call with China on Biomaterials Research

Japan - EU Workshop on Substitution of Critical Raw Materials

Forward Looking Workshop on Materials for Emerging Energy Technologies

Technology and Market Perspective for Future Value Added Materials
New study available online (added February 2012)

Advanced High Temperature Materials for Core and Novel Energy Engineering

New Materials for the Creative Industry

Nanostructured Metamaterials

Research Road Mapping in Materials

Will computers of tomorrow still be made of silicon?

Novel materials for energy applications

Novel materials and sustainable chemistry

Success stories in the materials field

Biomaterials for healthcare

Networks of Excellence