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European Industrial Research

European Industrial Research is a quarterly publication that provides a round up of news and views on innovative EU research in the Seventh (FP7) and Sixth (FP6) RTD Framework Programmes, which is mainly carried out under NMP Theme and Thematic Priority 3. Copies of this magazine may be downloaded below.


European Industrial Research Issue 10 (August 2010)

Available in English

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Issue 9 of European Industrial Research magazine now available. The lead topics of this edition deal with how NMP actions strengthen Europe-wide research cooperation. Firstly, there is an examination of the progress being made in assimilating the New Member States fully into the European Research Area and then there is an article that looks at the ERA-NET, ERA-NET Plus schemes related to NMP.

European Industrial Research Issue 9 (October 2008)

(2.0 Mb)

The seventh issue of European Industrial Research magazine examines the long-term, cumulative impacts of EU-funded industrial research over the past 15 years, and explains how these impacts are monitored.

European Industrial Research Issue 7 (March 2006)

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The sixth issue of European Industrial Research magazine surveys the likely shape of industrial research under the forthcoming EU Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013).

European Industrial Research Issue 6 (September 2005)

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The fifth issue of European Industrial Research magazine focuses on SMEs and their role in industrial research projects. SMEs are both key partners and key beneficiaries of the NMP programme’s efforts to support the shift towards more knowledge-based, high-added-value products and production processes.

European Industrial Research Issue 5 (March 2005)

(723 kb)

The fourth issue of European Industrial Research magazine focuses on Europe’s need for knowledge-based multifunctional materials. This is one of the most promising areas of industrial research to underpin EU goals of improving global competitiveness and achieving sustainable development.

European Industrial Research Issue 4 (August 2004)

(812 kb)

The third issue of the European Industrial Research magazine focuses on support for research in nanosciences and nanotechnologies in the EU. It surveys the past present and future of this crucial area, examines the effects of nanotechnologies and outlines the activities of EuroNanoForum 2003.

European Industrial Research Issue 3 (December 2003)

(740 kb)

The second issue of European Industrial Research magazine focuses on the role of manufacturing in the EU and signals the need for a clear and long-term vision for the development of an effective Manufacturing Technology Action Plan for Europe.

European Industrial ResearchIssue 2 (October 2003)

(890 kb)

The first edition focuses on the key role of industrial research in facilitating change in Europe to a knowledge-based society. It examines how it is possible to achieve longer lasting effects in industrial research and the need to establish priorities for the future of Europe.

European Industrial ResearchIssue 1 (July 2003)

(845 kb)

The Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme magazine

Growth in action was the magazine of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) Competitive and Sustainable Growth programme. It was published from September 2000 until April 2003, together with special editions dedicated to specific themes of the Growth programme, such as new materials, test and measurement, and sustainable development.

Copies of this magazine may be downloaded here.

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