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Other existing EU research actions in greening transport

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells JTI

The EGCI, focusing as it does on electrification of road transport, is complementary to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Joint Technology Initiative launched last year. This public-private joint technology initiative (JTI) will implement the EU target-oriented research and development to support the broad market introduction of these technologies. Founding members are the European Community and a non-profit association of European industry interests composed of a major share of Europe's fuel cells and hydrogen companies of all sizes from micro to large multinationals. The Commission is expected to fund 470 M€ from the Seventh Framework Programme for a period of six years which will be at least matched by industry contributions.

Past collaborative projects

The objectives of the European Green Cars Initiative are achievable: under EU-financed projects under FP6, for example, a research project entitled POMEROL developed and tested a new lithium ion car battery which, as well as producing no greenhouse gas emissions, achieved a charge of close to 3000 watts per kilo, for a cost of only € 20 per kilowatt of energy produced. The ILHYPOS and HyHEELS projects, meanwhile, developed four different hybrid architectures, from small to medium sized vehicles, which are both technologically innovative, and cost competitive for mass production. These and more technological developments can be deepened with the financing support of the European Green Cars Initiative, to produce a step change in research in order to bring to market the sustainable transport systems in the next decade.