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Newsletter 5th issue

* Events

  • Conference “Innovation in practice, what can we learn for key enabling technologies?” - 28 January 2013, Brussels, Belgium

    The conference will present two studies and aims at collecting stakeholder views to validate the recommendations on how to better manage the innovation cycle and to transform research outcomes into innovations that are successful on the market. The event is targeted at policy makers and FP project partners. Interested to contribute to the discussions ? Register here.

  • Smart Specialisation and NMP Seminar

    Under Horizon 2020, future stakeholders will have the opportunity to benefit from complementary research and innovation policy and funding measures through the Structural Funds. The condition is that the measures are included in the regional and national strategies currently being written by the regional and national authorities.
    The EC recently organised a seminar on the new Smart Specialisation approach which will be an important element in the future Structural funds. The exchange of information and views contributes to the reflection on possible measures to promote complementarity and possible synergies with Horizon 2020.
    Presentations were given by representatives of some NMP European Technology Platforms (ETPs), the EC Regional and Urban Policy DG, and of the “Regional dimension of Innovation” Unit of DG Research and Innovation. Presentations can be downloaded here.

* Publications

  • Economic Foresight study on R&D for the European Industry
    The purpose of this study was to develop qualitative and quantitative prospective scenarios of the positioning and potential of European industry in those sectors, where research in nanotechnologies, materials and production technologies (NMP) is expected to make an impact.

  • Nanotechnologies - Principles, Applications, Implications and Hands-on Activities A compendium for educators
    This online compendium aims at providing the educational communities with relevant, accurate and updated materials to inform, motivate and inspire young people to know more about nanosciences and nanotechnologies concepts and applications. It has been developed within the context of the European research project Nanoyou, and it has been enriched by the authors and by the European project TimeforNano with numerous and multifaceted inputs.

*Stakeholder consultations

  • NanoFUTURES Roadmap release

    The online consultation of the NANOfutures Integrated Industrial and Research Roadmap, released in July 2012, has been extended into the 1st Quarter of 2013. The Roadmap (2013-2025) includes a detailed implementation plan focusing on actions up to 2020 and is well aligned to Horizon 2020 goals:

    Boosting Industrial Leadership in different sectors, while addressing Societal Challenges of our time. Your feedback will be helpful to improve and refine the roadmap together with the European Commission. Interested in participating ? Click here.

* 2012 NMP calls – information on evaluations

  • FP7-NMP-2013-LARGE-7 - FP7-NMP-2013-SMALL-7 - FP7-NMP-2013-SME-7

    Flash information on evaluation results now published on the participant portal

* New NMP projects

  • Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_InnoNet) launched

    The EU project CRM_InnoNet intends to create an integrated community that will drive innovation in the field of Critical Raw Material substitution. The scarcity of Critical Raw Materials, and their economic importance for EU industry, makes it necessary to explore new avenues towards their possible substitution to reduce EU’s consumption and decrease the relative dependence upon imports. The project will survey current EU initiatives in the field of substitution of Critical Raw Materials, produce a methodology for prioritisation of ‘threatened’ applications and deliver a Critical Raw Materials Substitution Roadmap. A Pole of Excellence will be created to provide a dynamic, open and proactive platform for the entire stakeholder community. To receive further information about this project, please contact

* Success Stories

  • EU researchers develop breakthrough technologies in footwear and gloves (FIT4U)
    A team of scientists from across Europe has developed a series of technologies central to consumer-centred product and process innovation in the emerging footwear and glove niche markets. Focused on personalised safety and outdoor sports applications, the technologies and processes will give a much-needed boost to European industry at a time when the market is becoming increasingly dominated by third country imports.

  • Planning for a sustainable plastic future (SustainComp)
    Sustainability in the plastics sector will become a more pressing issue in the future as legislation and public demand force companies to manufacture more environmentally friendly products. A European project has been developing alternative materials, production processes and even products like a composite bus seat which could, in time, replace oil-based plastic versions.

  • Increasing industrial safety in Europe (IRIS)
    IRIS – Integrated European Industrial Risk Reduction System – project coordinator Prof. Dr. Helmut Wenzel explains how a revolutionary platform to assess and address risks will help industry face up to the challenge of ensuring comprehensive safety, adapt to the threat posed by climate change and maintain ageing plants.