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Newsletter 2nd issue

* Policy

  • Adoption of Horizon 2020 proposals - Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies
    On 30 November 2011, the Commission adopted its proposal for Horizon 2020 - The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, to span the period from 2014 to 2020.
    More details

* Events

  • First Innovation Convention 2011 features successful NMP projects !
    Five NMP projects presented their results at the Convention : NEXT Nanobond, Dephotex, Clear-Up and Femtoprint. President Barroso and Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn visited the NEXT project stand where the fastest 2 degree-of-freedom robot in the world for pick and place applications was presented.
  • Polish EU Presidency events:
    Conference Proceedings and presentations are available on the Manufuture and Fumat websites.

* Evaluations

  • 1st stage evaluations of 2012 NMP calls finished
    Proposals submitted for the 2012 LARGE, SMALL and SME calls have been evaluated. Successful proposals will be invited in the beginning of January 2012 to submit a full proposal for stage 2 (deadline 3 May 2012). The flash info with the results of the evaluations will then be posted on the relevant call page.

* Success stories in NMP

  • EU funded project, ONE-P, wins International Year of Chemistry video contest !

  • Lighter, innovative materials for multipurpose industrial applications (Nanotough)
    Lighter and more resistant materials are needed to construct cars and aeroplanes that consume less fuel, have lower operational costs and a lower environmental impact. NANOTOUGH has created several polymeric materials that could meet these challenges.

  • Nano-membranes against global warming (NanoGLOWA)
    The ultimate way to capture carbon dioxide from flue gasses is with the use of membranes. Membrane technology is an attractive alternative for molecular separations because of its high energy efficiency, small foot print and reliability - no moving parts
    Read more about Nanotough and NanoGlowa and other successful projects.

* Publications

* Tenders

  • The European Commission will launch a new tender on "Impacts of ageing working population on adaptation of business models and of technical environment of production lines and supply chains".
    Deadline will be mid March.
    The tender will be published by mid January.