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Newsletter 1st issue

This first issue brings you the latest news on research activities and events in the "Industrial Technologies" Programme.

* 2012 Workprogramme and Calls for Proposals published on 20 July 2011

  • With a budget of €7 billion the calls of the 2012 work programme are the biggest funding package ever under FP7.

  • The Industrial Technologies (NMP) workprogramme has an important share with 510M€ (of which 190M€ for the PPPs,).

  • Its topics will span spectrum from enabling research, to applications and demonstration activities.

  • The Workprogramme and calls are published on the Participant Portal.

* Info Days on Public Private Partnerships (12-13 July 2011)

  • The PPP 2012 topics were introduced in more detail during the info days.
    On the future of the PPPs, Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn said :
    "It is important that there is a place for large-scale strategic actions such as PPPs with the critical mass to reach their objectives"
    Full speech of Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, session webstreaming and presentations can be downloaded here.

* Research Fund for Coal and Steel 2011 Submission of proposals goes electronic

  • Proposal submission in 2011 will be exclusively electronic via the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS).
    Submission deadline : 15 September 2011

* Industrial Technologies Events under EU Polish Presideny :

  • FUMAT 2011 Warsaw, Poland - 22-23 September 2011
    How can materials of the future contribute to the strategies and solutions for the current societal challenges ?
    Interested in discussing roadmaps for development of materials determined by technological progress and societal and political needs?
    If so, register here.
  • MANUFUTURE 2011 - Wroclaw, Poland - 24-25 October 2011
    West and East Europe in global High Added Value manufacturing - facts of today and challenges of tomorrow
    How to ensure successful cooperation in High Added Value global manufacturing between the EU and Central and Eastern European countries and within the EU?
    For the first time the ManuFuture conference will be organized in a new Member State, in Central Europe.

* Other events :

  • Innovation Convention - Brussels, Belgium - 5-6 December 2011
    The European Commission's first Innovation Convention takes place following the adoption of the Innovation Union Flagship initiative in October 2010.
    More than 1200 "innovator" participants are expected.
    Programme & registration on the event's website.
  • Seminar: "Standardisation in Research and Innovation. Practical tools for the dissemination and implementation of research results" - 10 November 2011
    The Seminar organised by Directorate Industrial Technologies on 10/11/2011 will present the key steps of the standardisation process through case studies / success stories.
    Programme & more information on the Industrial Technologies website

* Exploitation Strategy Seminars (ESS), assistance to NMP project partners to tackle exploitation issues

  • The Exploitation Strategy Seminars (ESS) are services provided to make project partners aware of exploitation issues and to discuss a strategy to address them in order to increase the impact of the projects.

* Public consultations :

  • Preparation of a Communication on the Sustainable Competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises
    The goal is to gain an understanding of stakeholders’ views on the challenges of the construction sector to be addressed at EU level.
    If you wish to contribute, please click here
    Deadline : 15 September 2011
  • Consultation on scientific information in the digital age
    All citizens and organisations concerned with access to and preservation of digital scientific information can contribute.
    Deadline : 9 September 2011

* Prizes and Awards :

  • The EU Prize for Women Innovators will be awarded to three women entrepreneurs, beneficiaries of funding for projects under the RTD Framework Programme (FP) or the Competitive and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
    Deadline for submission of applications : 20 September 2011 - Apply here!

08/09/2011 - More news and events