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Nano in other areas (aerospace, construction, sustainable chemistry, security)

At the sharpest cutting edge of high-tech applications, these industrial products and processes span across all R&D Nanotechnology applications . A significant sample of them includes anti-biofouling nanopatterning, scanning probes using focused ion beams, multifunctional nanocomposites including the highly versatile, tailorable inorganic-organic kind, nanorobotics for manipulation and assembly techniques, nanocapsules for targeted drug delivery, new nanoscale optical instrumentation and integrated sensors to detect gas, fungi and bacteria for medical and environmental use.
The future is already being etched by a range of techniques called nano-patterning, which involves the way layers of a surface are arranged or designed. It’s a completely new, safe way of shaping the very structure of a material for industrial use and of endowing it with extraordinary properties at the same time.
Nanotechnology can give a vital contribution to civil security through innovative detection, protection and identification methods. Detection systems include selective imaging of objects and biosensor monitoring of bacterial and viral contamination, for instance of drinking water supplies.