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  Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Ad-hoc Industrial Advisory Groups

The objective of the research PPPs is to promote the convergence of public interests with industrial commitment and leadership to define strategic research activities in key sectors. In close collaboration with the relevant industrial sectors, the Commission prepared a four-year strategy for each PPP which takes into account the advice of industrial and research stakeholders in the different sectors including the European Technology Platforms related to Manufacturing, Construction, and Green Cars. Each PPP involves industry-driven activities which are much more than a re-packaging of existing FP7 measures, as it is important to have a holistic and coherent approach. To structure the dialogue with industry, Ad-Hoc Industrial Advisory Groups have been set up for each sector, involving representatives of the stakeholders and Commission representatives of all the FP7 Themes concerned.

Draft multi-annual Roadmaps for Energy-efficient Buildings and Factories of the Future were presented in July 2009 in order to start a wide stakeholders consultation. A revision of the documents was carried out after the consultation of the wide stakeholders community. The Ad-hoc Industrial Advisory Group for Green Cars was set up later.

Multi-annual roadmap Energy-efficient Buildings (4.37MB)

Multi-annual roadmap Factories of the Future (3.19MB)

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