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Information Technologies

Relevant calls for research proposals launched during the first years of FP7:


  • Organic materials;
  • Compound semiconductors;
  • Graphene;
  • Oxides;
  • Organic-inorganic hybrids


  • Detailed information on related platform is available on CORDIS web site.


  • Next-Generation nanoelectronics: process technology, metrology, materials
  • Photonic components and subsystems, materials and fabrication technologies
  • Integration of micro-nano technologies and smart systems into materials
  • Embodied Intelligence: role of form and material properties in shaping behaviour
  • Smart Fabrics & Interactive Textiles: multi-functional textiles & fabrics, incl. sensing, actuating, communicating, processing & power sourcing
  • Nanoelectronics Technology: novel process/metrology equipment and materials
  • Flexible, organic and large area electronic devices and building blocks: Co-development of processes and materials, including modelling,
  • Flexible or foil-based systems: building blocks based on organics, inorganics or their combination
  • Disruptive/cutting-edge photonic technologies & materials; metamaterials, photonic crystals, biological systems
  • Organic Photonics, including research on appropriate material
  • Efficiency and material issues for thin-film photovoltaics


  • Advanced and Starting grants in Materials for Information Technologies for a total of ~42 M€


  • Eurographene;
  • Exploring the physics of small devices;
  • Quantum Spin Coherence and Electronics;
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity;
  • Highly Frustrated Magnetism;
  • Arrays of Quantum Dots and Josephson Junctions;
  • Thin Films For Novel Oxide Devices