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Horizontal materials research

Relevant calls for research proposals launched during the first years of FP7:

NMP (Materials)

  • Nanostructured polymer-matrix composites;
  • Nanostructured coatings & thin films;
  • Characterisation of nanostructured materials (CSA)
  • Nanostructred membrane materials;
  • Processing & upscaling of nanostructured materials
  • Nano-structured materials based on graphene
  • Organic materials for electronics and photonics;
  • Nanostructured materials with tailored magnetic properties;
  • Advanced material architectures for energy conversion

  • Compound semiconductors for electronics & photonics;
  • Nanostructured metamaterials
  • Oxide materials for electronics applications
  • Organic-inorganic hybrids for electronics and photonics
  • Highly porous bioactive scaffolds controlling angiogenesis for tissue engineering
  • Advanced implants & bioactive materials for critical organs
  • Biomimetic gels and polymers for tissue repair
  • Development of standard scaffolds for the rational design of bioactive materials for tissue regeneration
  • Flexible efficient processing for polymers;
  • Nanostructured catalysts with tailor-made functional surfaces;
  • Renewable materials for functional packaging applications
  • Inorganic-organic hybrid materials;
  • Radical advances in the processing of multi-functional films & tapes
  • New biomass-based composite materials & their processing
  • New materials and/or membranes for catalytic reactors
  • Novel materials tailored for extreme conditions and environments
  • Modelling of microstructural evolution under work conditions and in materials processing
  • Functionally graded materials;
  • Modelling of interfaces for high performance materials design
  • Light high-perfomance composites
  • Modelling of degradation and reliability of crystalline materials
  • Novel materials for energy applications;
  • Computational materials science;
  • Coordination actions with materials researchers in major world regions;
  • ERA-NET+ on materials research
  • Novel membranes for water technologies
  • Materials, technologies and processes for sustainable automotive electrochemical storage applications

NMP (Nanotechnology)

  • Nanotechnology for harvesting energy via photovoltaic technologies
  • Mapping of nanotechnology and nanostructured materials research infrastructures in Russia
  • Substitution of materials or components utilising "green nanotechnology"
  • New nanotechnology-based high performance insulation systems for energy efficiency
  • Novel tools integrating individual techniques for real time nanomaterials characterisation
  • Thermoelectric energy converters based on nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnologies for water treatment
  • Self-assembling and self-organisation
  • Equipment and methods for nanotechnology

NMP (Production)

  • Manufacturing systems for 3D-shaped, multilayered products based on flexible materials
  • Expanding the limits of advanced materials processing applications through a new generation of high brilliance lasers
  • Innovative concepts and processes for strategic mineral supply and for new high added value mineral-based products
  • Sustainable new products and markets through bioproduction of green forest-based chemicals and materials
  • Integration of new technologies and materials for differentiated consumer-centred product capability
  • Smart materials for applications in the sectors of construction and of machinery and production equipment
  • Processes and equipment for high quality industrial production of 3-dimensional nanosurfaces
  • Application of new materials including bio-based fibres in high-added value textile products
  • Multifunctional materials for future vehicles

European Metrology Research Programme (Art.169)

  • Major challenges: Physical-chemical properties, Structural and compositional analysis, Constitutive properties of materials, Modelling of materials


  • Exploring the physics of small devices;
  • Molecular Simulations in Biosystems and Material Science;
  • Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Material Science;
  • Electron Induced Processing at the Molecular Level;
  • Experimental and Theoretical Design of Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Materials