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Health and Biotechnology

Relevant calls for research proposals launched during the first years of FP7:


  • Highly porous bioactive scaffolds controlling angiogenesis for tissue engineering
  • Advanced implants & bioactive materials for critical organs
  • Biomimetic gels and polymers for tissue repair
  • Standard scaffolds for rational design of bioactive materials for tissue regeneration
  • Nanotechnology-based systems for molecular diagnostics and imaging


  • Detailed information on related platform is available on CORDIS web site.

Health programme

  • Regeneration of tissue using biocompatible materials and cells.

Food, agriculture & fisheries, biotechnology programme

  • Legumes as biofuels, green chemicals and new materials.
  • Meeting industrial requirements on wood raw-materials quality and quantity
  • Novel marine bioactive compounds - screening marine animals and plants for new compounds, identifying their bioactive characteristics.
  • Biomass from micro- and macro-algae for industrial applications. Using algae or algal products as an alternative to fossil raw materials for fuels and/or industrial products
  • Biomass pre-treatment for optimised biomass deconstruction and analytical characterisation
  • Nanobiotechnology: functionalised membranes based on nanobiotechnology approaches with predictable and controllable properties, in particular composition and physico-chemical structures, which could be used as industrial or environmental membranes


  • Advanced and Starting grants in Biomaterials & Medical Implants for a total of ~25M€


  • Exploring the physics of small devices; Regenerative medicine