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FP7 Information Day on Research PPPs' 11-12 July 2011

PPPs are important!

FP7 Information Days on Research PPPs 11-12 July 2011

"I am sure you will be very pleased to hear that the draft legislative proposal in preparation for HORIZON 2020 will address the use of Public-Private Partnerships. It is important that there is a place for large-scale strategic actions such as PPPs with the critical mass to reach their objectives" said Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn in the closing session of the 3rd FP7 Information Days on the Research PPPs in support of the running PPPs.

In order to support the preparation of proposals, Joint Information Days on Research PPPs were organised. More than 800 participants coming from 41 different countries attended the event.

On the first day a good overview of the activities going on in the PPPs was given by industrial representatives and information was provided about the third cross-thematic Coordinated Calls for the PPPs (launched on 20 July 2011). In particular, the research areas open and the conditions for participation were explained.

On the second day the impact and future outlook of each PPP (FoF, EeB and EGCI) was discussed in parallel sessions. Herbert von Bose, Director for Industrial Technologies in DG Research and Innovation, presented the first plans for the future Framework Programme ' Horizon 2020'.