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Programme and presentations

Industrial Safety and Research – Conclusions from the EC Workshop of 24 September 2014

Chairman of the day:
Jose-Lorenzo Valles, Advanced manufacturing – EC, DG Research & Innovation

Welcome address
Clara de la Torre, Director –Key Enabling Technologies – EC, DG Research & Innovation
Industrial Safety and the question of Risk

Ortwin Renn, President of EU-VRi & member of the STAC committee ETPIS Platform: Strategic Research Agenda 2013-2020

Olivier Salvi (PDF version, 935KB), EU-VRi General Manager & Secretary General of ETPIS

Session 1: Regulatory and Policy Aspects of Industrial Safety Dionysios Tsiagkris, DG ENTR

Alexandros Kiriazis (PDF version, 102KB), Policy Officer – EC, DG Environment

Fabio Taucer (PDF version, 1.07MB), Ispra (Ipsc-ELsa unit), JRC

Session 2: Research and Innovation on Industrial Safety at European Level

Areas of interest for Horizon 2020 and support provided by the EU in FP7
Sébastien Mortier (PDF version, 177KB), EC, DG Research & Innovation, DG RTD / D2

Presentation of FP7 Industrial Safety Projects

  • I-Protect, Piotr Pietrowski
  • IRIS, Helmut Wenzel (PDF version, 2.72MB)
  • Integ-Risk, Aleksandar Jovanovic
  • SAF€RA, Carita Aschan (PDF version, 198KB)

Session 3: Industrial Safety within the sectors of the contractual PPPs

Safety in Manufacturing (FoF/Manufuture)

  • Strategic priorities in Industrial Safety for FoF in H2020 (Chris Decubber - EFFRA)
  • Industrial Safety in anFP7 FoF project (ROBOMATE) (Michiel de Looze (PDF version, 321KB) – TNO)

Safety in Process Industries (SPIRE/SUSCHEM)

  • Strategic priorities in Industrial Safety for SPIRE in H2020 (Roeland Adriaansens – DOW Chemicals)
  • Safety Aspects in Chemical Industry in View of Modular, Mobile and Small-Scale Plants – Perspectives from the EU FP7 Project CoPIRIDE (Patrick Loebb - IMM)

Safety in the Construction Industry (EeB/ECTP)

  • Strategic priorities in Industrial Safety for ECTP/EeB in H2020 (Miguel Segarra – Dragados)
  • Industrial Safety in anFP7 construction project (SafeLife-X) (Bastien Caillard – EU-VRi / Christos Christoglou (PDF version, 626KB) - Bayer)

Session 4: Safety in Biotech and Nanotech Industries

Safety in Biotech Industries
  • Strategic priorities in Industrial Safety for Biotech (Patrick Rüdelsheim – PERSEUS)
  • Industrial Safety in FP7 biotech projects (BIOCORE, EUROBIORAF, SUPRABIO) (Guy Marlair (PDF version, 1.05MB) – INERIS)
Safety in Nanotech Industries
  • Strategic priorities in Industrial Safety for nanotech in H2020 (Kai Savolainen - TTL)

Session 5: Organisational Aspects of Industrial Safety in Large Enterprises and SMEs

  • An illustration of safety in Total Quality Management: TOSCA project (Marco Pontiggia – d’Appollonia)
  • Integrated Management of Health, Safety & Environment (David Tjong (PDF version, 182KB) – Global Director HS&E, Ideal Standard International)
  • Resilience for adaptive safe performance (Johan Gort – TNO)