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Environment, space and security

Relevant calls for research proposals launched during the first years of FP7:


  • New biomass-based composite materials & their processing;
  • Renewable materials for functional packaging applications;
  • Novel membranes for water technologies;
  • Solutions for the use, recycling and/or final treatment of nanotechnology-based products;
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of energy intensive industries;
  • Sustainable new products and markets through bioproduction of green forest-based chemicals and materials


  • Detailed information on related platform is available on CORDIS web site.

Environment programme

  • New or improved construction materials for construction technologies, for mitigating the impacts of soil sealing on soil functions and services, including mitigation of flood risk
  • Appropriate solutions for the use, recycling and/or final treatment of nanotechnology based products (Joint call with NMP)
  • Sustainable biorefineries (Joint call with NMP)

Space programme

  • Modelling of combustion and complex fluid movements, behaviour of specific materials for launchers and propulsion, shock analysis, dynamics of the payloads, system integrity monitoring

Security programme

  • dosimetry; detection
  • Controlling the change of properties of chemicals to preclude misuse
  • Optical chemical sensing with nano-particles, nano-waveguides and photonic structures
  • Sensing of toxic and explosive agents in air based on metal oxide semiconductor nano-structured materials