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Relevant calls for research proposals launched during the first years of FP7:


  • Advanced material architectures for energy conversion;
  • Novel materials tailored for extreme conditions and environments
  • Novel materials for energy applications;
  • Materials, technologies and processes for sustainable automotive electrochemical storage applications
  • Nanotechnology for harvesting energy via photovoltaic technologies


  • Detailed information on related platform is available on CORDIS web site.

Energy programme

  • Key components for Concentrated Solar Power; new materials, such as innovative coatings
  • Higher efficiency, and lower cost solar systems (e.g. using materials with high thermal and optical performances)
  • Cost and reliability issues of High-temperature superconducting (HTS) based devices for Electricity Networks
  • CCS - demonstration of new materials/coatings in ultra supercritical conditions

JTI (Hydrogen)

  • Basic research on degradation and lifetime fundamentals, and new materials for the different technologies
  • Compressed hydrogen onboard storage; development activities on materials, components and storage tanks
  • Efficient PEM & alkaline electrolysers; development of new catalyst and materials for lowering costs and improved performance
  • Water decomposition with solar heat source: R&D on materials and components for efficient thermo-chemical water splitting cycles
  • Degradation and lifetime fundamentals; material research for current industrial cell/stack component


  • Advanced and Starting grants in materials for Energy for a total of ~8 M€


  • New generation of organic based photovoltaic devices