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EIB loans

In addition to grants received from FP7 funding, organisations involved in transport research can also apply for loans from the EIB. These will be the best tools for projects that involve greater risk.

Two EIB loan mechanisms will provide the bulk of financing under the EGCI:

The RSFF is a guarantee fund for research, development and innovation. The scope of eligible activities extends from “traditional” investments in basic or applied research and demonstration activities, to equipment and soft investments such as R&D operating cost, salaries of researchers, management and support staff, and IPR acquisition or protection costs. Any organisation can apply for an RSFF loan – large corporations and SMEs, universities and research institutes, publicly or privately owned.

While the RSFF is a financing instrument that existed before the current financial crisis, the ECTF has been created in response to the crisis and its effect on the transport industry, aimed specifically at transport research, and at one research goal: lowering emissions in transport. The European Clean Transport Facility support investments in research, development and innovation aimed at emission reduction and energy efficiency in the European transport industry.

Both the RSFF and ECTF loans are attractively priced, and with long maturities.