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The way forward

The PPP EeB will speed up research on key technologies and develop a competitive industry in the construction sector with the focus on energy-efficient processes, products and services. The main purpose is to reach the goals set forth for 2020 and 2050 to address climate change issues and contribute to improving EU energy security of supply, thereby transforming this challenge into a business opportunity. Specific attention will be given to the development and integration of design and simulation tools, new materials, building systems and equipment and ICT for energy efficiency. Main R&D priorities could focus on:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings and districts while improving the quality of life (comfort and indoor environment) of citizens.
  • Development of ICTs for energy-smart buildings and districts, and integration of Renewable Energy Systems in buildings and districts.
  • Use of nanotechnologies, materials, components, systems, construction processes and their integration into energy-efficient buildings.
  • Large scale demonstration actions will integrate and demonstrate innovative technologies in their final phase of development.
  • Industrialisation of products and components contributing to the Energy Efficiency of Buildings, such as phase-change materials, insulation materials, smart windows and facades.
  • Adaptation of design processes, finding adequate financing, initiating new commissioning procedures, tackling behavioural issues, ensuring knowledge transfer.
  • EeB will benefit from the integration into buildings and districts of the latest technologies coming out of long-term research on Renewable Energy Systems and other clean technologies such as fuel cells being funded under other initiatives.