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Earlier programmes in the field of Industrial Technologies

In 2003 the NMP programme started within FP6 2002-2006. New in the NMP programme was the focus on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. The Transport research became more important in that period and was continued in a separate programme for Transport and for Aerospace research. Within FP7 the NMP programme is continued.

The Brite-Euram I (1989-1991), Brite Euram II (1991-1994) and Brite Euram III (1994-1998) Programmes provided support to industry, academia and research organisations for pre-competitive collaborative and cooperative research in materials, design and manufacturing technologies, with special emphasis on transport sectors - aeronautics, automobiles, ships and trains.

The follow-up of the Brite Euram III programme was the Competitive and sustainable GROWTH programme (FP5 1998 to 2002) which brought together a range of ‘key actions’ focussed on production technologies and transport research and ‘generic activities’ (materials, standards, measurements and testing) in the European Commission’s Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), promoting sustainable industrial growth by stimulating innovation and co-operation in European RTD.