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Business plan Development

The Business Plan Development (BPD) service extends the assistance by business consultants to developing a real complete business plan, up to including solutions for financing needs.

Preparing a good market analysis, a reliable financial foresight and a convincing market strategy requires specific competences, methodologies and skills. In most cases, the development of a complete and effective Business Plan is a must for accessing the market, even more when facing financial stakeholders (such as investors, business angels, venture capitalists, banks, etc.).

The service provided by innovation experts can support project partners from the drafting of a business plan to the coaching to successfully present the business idea to potential investors.

How much does it cost?
The services provided by the Innovation Platform are free of charge. The consultant's fee and travel and daily expenses are covered by the European Commission.

How can I request this service?
This service is available to all projects funded by the Industrial Technologies programme (NMP) under FP7.
Either the EC project officer or a project partner (with the previous approval by the EC project officer) can request this service via email, attaching the list (PDF version, 323KB), previously completed, in order to identify the needs of the project. This service can be requested at any time during the project's lifespan and for completed projects.