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research*eu - Topics - Social sciences and humanities - 57 - The enigmas of autism
We no longer speak of autism, but more widely of “pervasive development disorders”. Also, the behaviour and suffering they cause are no longer attributed to mental problems as new pathways to our understanding of the disorder are opening up in th

research*eu - Topics - Social sciences and humanities - 57 - Bursting the bubble
Care tailored to the needs of the individual. That is the maxim of specialist behavioural-type care centres for autism. It is an approach to the disability that is achieving some convincing results. We report from three Belgian centres. "

research*eu - Topics - Health and life sciences - 57 - The genetic line of inquiry: initial suspects
Une petite région du chromosome 11 contient des gènes dont le dysfonctionnement est impliqué dans l'autisme. Telle est la principale conclusion des premiers travaux de l'Autism Genome Project (AGP), plus grand consortium international jamais formÃ

research*eu - The magazine - 57 - Communicating…
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