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research*eu - Special edition - Satellite - September 2007 - When the objective becomes subjective
These HD satellite images, produced for the needs of science, have no artistic intention. Yet the title of the exhibition The Earth as a Work of Art is not in the least surprising. How would we regard these ‘works’ if they bore an artist&

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Science and the world, art and the ego
Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond, theoretical physicist, experimental epistemologist', lecturer at the University of Nice, director of publisher Seuil's scientific collection, and the driving force behind the Alliage magazine, he is constantly questioning scie

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - The enigma of knots
Knot theory is a field of topology  - or the study of the geometrical properties of an object which remain unchanged by continuous changes in shape or size, providing nothing is severed

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - The beauty of maths
We take a look at the relationship between art and maths, images and visualisation, and aesthetics and education  

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - The mysteries of a mutant art
We consider as bioartists all those who explore the body, cultivate new flowers, or whose work uses organic matter

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Research in all its aspects
Are artists and scientists not all researchers whose paths cross on occasion?

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Intuition and fantasy
The European Space Agency (ESA) collects texts, takes the measure of 'futuristic' ideas and organises a science fiction literary competition.

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Science in fiction
The novelist can give free rein to his imagination and present the adventures of science to fascinating effect. 

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - The seventh art
We focus on a number of cases where film has drawn inspiration from science, or where science has used the camera to communicate its discoveries.

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Crossed ideas
The Pharos centre is a place where scientists, philosophers and artists of every discipline can discuss, reflect and ask one another questions.

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - The paradoxes of perception
The musician Jean-Claude Risset has been exploring the possibilities of synthesising and digitally processing sound. As a physicist, he is also engaged in research into the characteristics of auditory perception.

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Experiencing science through art
Two German researchers, Dieter Trustedt and Jorg Schaffer, have chosen a career as artists

RTD info -Special Issue - March 2004 - Europe, researchers and cultural heritage
The meeting of science and technology with art and culture includes the provision of invaluable assistance towards conserving and restoring these riches.