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Charting the complexities of a silvering population
This EU-funded SSP project aims to create a system for monitoring and forecasting population changes

Assessing future energy needs and sustainable solutions
This information sheet provides a summary of the WETO-H2 project which provides support to EU energy policy-makers

Headlines - Tsunami raises risk of new mega-waves forming, study warns
European Commission news headlines on the broader subject of research and scientific activities.

research*eu - No.55 January 2008 - Meteorology
Today’s TV and Internet weather forecasts are strewn with evocative pictograms. In a split second, viewers can form a precise idea of what the weather will be like tomorrow or the day after. But have they understood why the weather will change

research*eu - Topics - Environment - Special GEO - Tremors - slides and flows
Geology is not content with explaining the living nature of the planet. It is also concerned with forecasting its ‚Äúcaprices‚ÄĚ. The multidisciplinary European Lessloss project with its some 50 partners is looking in particular at earthquakes and la