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European Commission - Environmental research - Climate change

Research - RTD info - N° 51 - December 2006 - CLIMATE - Waiting for the rainy season
The African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) international programme is investigating why areas of the Sahel in West Africa have experienced a dramatic shortage of rain since the 1970s. Scientists hope to provide forecasting tools by gaining

Research - RTD info - N° 51 - December 2006 - Climate: European Involvement
Georgios Amanatidis, Head of research into climate change at the European Union discusses the AMMA project. He explains why European funds are being devoted to the project, the contribution Europe can make and what benefits can be achieved.

Research - RTD info - N° 51 - December 2006 - CLIMATE - Extreme Climatic Tensions
The West African monsoon, the main source of rain on the continent, particularly in the Sahel strip, is suffering from clearly identified disruptions. The AMMA project, by means of an experimental plan of action of unprecedented size intends to ident

RTD info - N° 51 - December 2006 - CLIMATE - Decyphering the timing of the monsoons
The multidisciplinary AMMA project is working with African partners to carry out a detailed investigation into the exchanges between the continent and the atmosphere in order to better understand disruptions to the West African monsoon. The results w