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Headlines - Recognising pond scum when you see it
European Commission news headlines on the broader subject of research and scientific activities.

research*eu - n° 56 June 2008 - A researcher, pure and simple
The first thing that strikes you about Maria Blasco is how youthful-looking and unpretentious she is. At the age of 43, the Director of Basic Research at the CNIO, one of Europe’s leading centres for the study of cancer and ageing, is a woman w

research*eu - n°63 April 2010 - En bref
In brief Research eu N┬░63

research*eu - Special ERA — November 2009 - European research, slow but steady progress
To appreciate just how much of a milestone the ‘European Research Area’ concept represented when it was launched 10 years ago, it needs to be seen as the culmination of a disparate but inexorable long-term aspiration that first emerged se

research*eu - Special Women - April 2009 - Gerlind the tenacious
Portrait of Gerlind Wallon, head of the ‘Women in Science’ programme at the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) in Heidelberg (DE).

research*eu - Special Women - April 2009 - The obstacle course
A look at the obstacles confronting women right from birth, and turning them away from or slowing their upward progress in scientific careers.

RTD info - N° 49 - May 2006 - IN BRIEF
News in brief published in RTD info n49, May 2006