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RTD info - N° 49 - May 2006 - Social cohesion and demographic challenges
Interview with Charlotte Hohn, director of the Federal Institute for Population Research, in Wiesbaden (DE), published in RTD info n49.

RTD info - N° 49 - May 2006 - Europe is running low on children
In 2003, European women gave birth to an average of 1.5 children (compared with 1.8 in 1990) and there were more deaths than births. Although in many EU countries, this trend can be traced back to the 1970s, in the central and eastern European countr

RTD info - N° 49 - May 2006 - Turning the age pyramid on its head
What are the effects of an ageing population? How to provide the best possible care facilities for elderly and very elderly people? What role can be played by families, associations and social policy? How can the public authorities cope financially w