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World Water Day: EU Water-related Research

Water research has been a major component of EU research since the late 1980s, covering a wide spectrum of water-related topics and evolving over the years in close correlation to EU water policy. Over the last 10 years, the EU - via the Framework Programme for research - has contributed an average of €130 million per year to water-related research.

Today, economic development, growing populations and increasing degradation of the environment all make sustainable exploitation of resources a priority, and no resource is more fundamental to our well-being than water.

Climate change will have a direct impact on human society, affecting the quality and availability of fresh water, increasing the frequency and severity of droughts and flooding, and posing a serious threat to the functioning of our economies and ecosystems.

With global population growth, urbanisation, pollution, over-exploitation and climate change all placing pressure on our water resources, especially in developing countries, it is more important than ever to recognise the interconnectedness of the world’s water systems.

Here are two examples of successful, EU-funded water-related research projects:

Photo of a researchers testing the irrigation methods

Helping farms produce more crops with less water

Sustainable water management on farms is vital to maximise food production. Is it possible - in agriculture - to produce more with less water? That's the aim of a European research project taking place in Bologna, Italy.

Photo of a prototype reactor purifying water in a fish tank

Mercury-free water purification for fish farms

An EU-funded project has developed a cheaper, energy-efficient and mercury-free water purification system that could be a viable alternative to current technologies in use. The breakthrough could help cut the costs of cleaning water for a range of industries - including aquaculture.


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