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Performance of SMEs within FP7

An Interim Evaluation of FP7 Components

The overall objective of this interim evaluation is to assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of two FP7 initiatives (the Cooperation Programme and Research for the Benefit of SMEs) and their impacts on the participating SMEs and on society. This includes impacts on economic performance and innovation, European Added Value (EAV) and behavioural additionality.

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Far from frozen

Creative strategies of young people in disadvantaged circumstances

What do children and young people think about education? Possible answers to this question are elaborated in this book, which portrays and illustrates how young people from different European countries view and experience education.

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New skills and jobs in Europe

Pathways towards full employment

The Europe 2020 employment strategy, and in particular its initiative "An agenda for new skills and jobs", aims to support the full employment goal of the Lisbon Treaty, questioning current approaches and calls for increased policy learning amongst EU Member States.


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