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Headline photo An inside look at public sector reform across Europe

How have reforms to public administration across Europe affected the delivery of services? An EU-funded project led to one of the largest surveys ever of top civil servants ...

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Photo of an ice cream
More lupin beans, less cholesterol?

Juicy burgers, spicy kebabs, creamy chocolate shakes - limiting your intake of animal protein doesn't mean you have to forego such treats. Products as varied as meat-free steaks and non-dairy ice cream can, for example, be made from lupin seeds. An EU-funded project has helped to optimise such foods and studied potential health benefits.


EPoSS Annual Forum 2015 & MNBS 2015

12-15 October 2015, Leuven, Belgium

ETP Nanomedicine Annual Event 2015

12-14 October 2015, Dublin, Ireland

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