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2nd Monitoring Report of Horizon 2020

Low-value Contracts

Prior advertising in relation to low-value procurements of a value between €15 000.01 and €60 000 that will be launched by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.


Pursuant to Article 124.1.b) of the Rules of Application1 of the Financial Regulation2 the ex-ante publicity on the Institutions' websites is compulsory for all contracts with a value between €15 000.01 and €60 000.

This publicity is in no way binding for the Commission. The Commission's contractual obligation commences only upon signature of the contract with the successful candidate.

A summary notice, with additional indicative information about the kind of the low-value contracts that will be launched, will be published on this page at the latest two weeks before their launching.

Economic operators may express their interest in writing by contacting the contact point indicated in each summary notice. In doing so, they will have to communicate their name, contact details and scope of activities (services/supplies). It is strongly advised to verify that they fully comply with the selection criteria announced before contacting the Commission departments concerned.

In the meantime, you can find the annual work programmes of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation on the Participant Portal.



Current Information Notices

Date of publication on this page

Study on Best practice for identifying and assessing the dual-use issues in enabling technologies research  PDF icon 214 KB

24 November 2016

Services contract on "Cities as living labs: increasing the impact of investment in the circular economy for sustainable cities".  PDF icon 494 KB

25 October 2016


Prior Information Notices

Date of publication on this page

Services contract on Food in Cities – innovation for a sustainable and healthy production, delivery and consumption of food in cities  PDF icon 226 KB

5 September 2016

Services contract on "new financial instruments for innovation as a way to bridge the gaps of EU innovation support".  PDF icon 344 KB

25 August 2016

Services contract on new financial instruments for innovation as a way to bridge the gaps of EU innovation support  PDF icon 376 KB

5 August 2016

European Union Idea and Innovation Market - Concept development  PDF icon 165 KB

20 July 2015

Services contract: Scientific and administrative support to the Scientific Panel for Health  PDF icon 191 KB

7 May 2015

Study on Budgetary impact of the changes in the cost calculation regime in the Seventh Framework Programmes   PDF icon 156 KB

23 March 2015

Service contract on delivering studies and presentations on the topic of internationalisation of innovation in SMEs (WP 2014-2015)  PDF icon 192 KB

10 March 2015

Services contract on foresight in support of the third strategic programming period of Horizon 2020  PDF icon 460 KB

16 February 2015

Services contract on the Water, Energy and Food security Nexus: Research and Innovation in the context of climate change  PDF icon 250 KB

11 September 2014

Unit J.4 Common IT Service Teambuilding  PDF icon

27 August 2014

Directorate E Teambuilding  PDF icon

2 April 2014

Study on skills related to KETs (Key Enabling Technologies)  PDF icon 68 KB

22 November 2013

Directorate F Teambuilding  PDF icon

2 May 2013

Pilot Study on using data mining to measure specialisation patterns  PDF icon 96 KB

4 March 2013

Directorate K Teambuilding  PDF icon 129 KB

15 April 2013