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• Better use of Antibiotics • Breaking the optical transmission barriers
• Materials for clean air • Collaborative Spectrum Sharing • Food scanner

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

61. Creative and cultural industries: what impact on cities’ economic and social development? - 26 Feb 2015

A JRC-hosted roundtable on creative and cultural industries on 25 February brought together policy- and law-makers, as well as cultural associations and foundations and other stakeholders, who discussed how to measure the impact of this remarkably dynamic and innovative sector. [read more]

62. Critical raw materials: the search for a substitute in catalysis, electronics and photonics

Four EU-funded projects are exploring how we can substitute critical raw materials in catalysis, electronics and photonics. [read more]

63. Cultivation of microalgae via an innovative technology: ALGADISK project

Preliminary laboratory scale studies have shown consistent biomass production and weekly a thick microalgal biofilm could be harvested. A new and innovative harvesting device has been developed for ALGADISK able to directly harvest the dense biofilm with a dry matter of 150 gram per litre. [read more]

64. European Robotics Forum 2015 - 11-13 March 2015, Vienna, Austria

Researchers, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs and business people from all over Europe come together at this event to discuss topics and contents which also have an immediate impact on the roadmapping process for Robotics in Europe. The European Commission is also organising four workshops during the ERF: •"Robotics projects... beyond the Robotics Unit" (11 March 2015 8:30-10:00) •"First H2020 Robotics projects and their contribution to the SRA" (12 March 2015 at 8:30-10:00)•"Step change results from FP7 projects" (12 March 2015 10:45-12:15) •"First H2020 projects, ECHORD++ and EuRoC - "Impact beyond projects" (12 March 2015 14:00-15:30) The early bird rate for registrations to the conference has been extended to 1 March, 2015. [read more]

66. Fighting decline of pollinators in Europe

At the end of the project's 5 year research programme STEP is publishing the 'Climatic Risk and Distribution Atlas of European Bumblebees'. The atlas, published as a special issue of the open access journal BioRisk, breaks new ground in assessing the risks of climate change for European bumblebees. [read more]

67. Introducing FACE Entrepreneurship - new H2020 project

The Failure Aversion Change in Europe (FACE) project will be running a communication campaign in view of boosting ICT entrepreneurship in Europe by fighting against the fear of failure, through the means of a gamified process. [read more]

68. Launch of the European ''Smart Anything Everywhere'' Initiative

Smart phones, smart watches or smart TVs are just a few of the new products that are entering our daily lives. The functionalities of more and more objects are increased by digital components hidden inside. For instance, smart offices can turn off the lights when nobody is in the office, or a car can break automatically when it notices an obstacle. As an answer to these new changes, the European Commission proposed the creation of a 'Smart Anything Everywhere' (SAE) Initiative. [read more]

69. Marine Microbes for Biotechnology – Industry-Focused Special Issue of MaCuMBA Project News Now Available

A special marine biotechnology industry-focused issue of the MaCuMBA (Marine Microorganisms: Cultivation Methods for Improving their Biotechnological Applications) project’s newsletter is now available to download from: [read more]

70. Press Centre - European Commission launches €1m prize for a diagnostic test to combat antibiotic resistance

A prize of €1 million will be awarded to the person or team that develops a rapid test to tell whether a patient needs to be treated with antibiotics or not, the European Commission announced today. The aim is to stop overuse of antibiotics and halt the growing resistance of micro-organisms to them that causes every year 25 000 deaths and over €1.5 billion in healthcare expenses and productivity losses in Europe alone. [read more]

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