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This Syndicated News page contains articles for the last 30 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research Area. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

141. ITN RegPol2 studies socio-economic and political responses to regional polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe

More than 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Europe continues to face strong regional disparities within and between member states. The ITN RegPol2 project responds to concerns about further regional polarisation and peripheralisation through an interdisciplinary and multinational research programme linking 16 researchers with partners in academia, the non-profit and private sectors in Central and Eastern Europe. [read more]

142. In spite of unrest, ASREN continues to advance e-infrastructure for the Arab region

Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh spoke in Brussels about ASREN’s work in connecting Arab research institutes and his enthusiasm for research cooperation with the EU. [read more]

143. PLATON succeeds in using plasmonics for next gen routing applications

PLATON’s new SOI (Silicon-on-insulator) solution combines plasmonics and silicon photonics for faster and more energy efficient computing. [read more]

144. Pioneering research enables differentiated profiles in drug-addicted patients to be established

A research has enabled profiles of addicted patients to be established in terms of whether they display associated behaviour of violence and/or whether they have committed criminal acts. As Prof Raúl Cacho pointed out, 'This is very important as it enables us to predict the result of the treatment, and therefore, improve it, so that it is rendered more effective, is adapted to the patient and also leads to savings in terms of human and material resources.' [read more]

145. Press Centre - EU and Middle-East Building Bridges through Science Diplomacy

The EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas took today a new step towards strengthening cooperation in the Middle East through science diplomacy. To mark the EU's engagement towards building bridges between nations through research and innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas participated in a high level conference on "Addressing shared challenges through science diplomacy: the case of the EU –Middle East Regional Cooperation" and visited the Synchrotron light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) in Allan (Jordan). SESAME is a unique international endeavour launched in 2003 under UNESCO auspices by Eastern Mediterranean countries to enhance scientific and technological excellence and build a culture of cooperation and peace in the broader Middle East. [read more]

146. Robotic glove to help stroke survivors

Both Reuters and the BBC reported on SCRIPT. This EU-funded project developed a robotic glove designed to help stroke sufferers regain movement in their hands and rebuild their muscles. [read more]

Friday, 10 April 2015

147. FET Newsletter - edition April 2015

Latest news on Future and Emerging Technologies research: funding opportunities, H2020 evaluation results, latest FET Project news, focus on Scandinavian participation in FET projects, future events. The FET newsletter will from now on be available on a monthly basis. [read more]

148. New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) project to produce the best database of wind characteristics throughout Europe

The New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) project celebrated its kick-off meeting last 19 March at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Risø campus in Roskilde. This project aims at delivering, over the next five years, the best database of wind characteristics throughout Europe and a new generation of flow models to exploit this database. [read more]

149. New report published on Nanomaterials and Graphene for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

The technology scouting services arm of Del Stark Technology Solutions has published a new technology briefing on Nanomaterials and Graphene for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Research findings include the next generation of 'active electronics in unique functional and interwoven architectures', as well as, methods to incorporate optically detectable nano particles for security measures and advances in biomedical applications. [read more]

Thursday, 09 April 2015

150. CORDIS Express: Researchers tackle poverty and unemployment

This edition of CORDIS Express looks at projects seeking to tackle issues like poverty and unemployment. [read more]

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