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Friday, 16 January 2015

61. AerSUS develops three aerogel solutions for thermal insulation in space

After three years of work, the AerSUS project came to an end in December 2014, having developed three aerogels for thermal insulation in space and contributing to Europe’s space objectives. [read more]

62. CORDIS Express: Ageing Europe

This week’s edition of CORDIS Express presents projects that are working to address the issues associated with an ageing population. [read more]

63. Conference on Complex Networks and Climate Variability - 11-12 April 2015, Vienna

The complex network paradigm is a fruitful tool for understanding complex systems in various areas of science. Over the last years, the research field of ‘Climate Networks’ (i.e., the application of complex network tools to climate science) has produced many novel results that have improved our understanding of complex climate phenomena. These range from predicting the El Nino/Southern Oscillation, seasonal changes in the monsoon regions, early warning indicators of climate transitions and descriptions of ocean circulation coherence. In addition, many new tools and theoretical results have been generated which facilitate the network analysis and the interpretation of the results as applied to climate data. [read more]

64. EU research efforts at front line of fight against Ebola

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 16 January 2015 The EU has acted decisively since the early stages of the current Ebola crisis and is today announcing its latest actions in the field of research. Support to research is part of the EU's response, together with humanitarian aid, expertise, international... [read more]

65. International Cooperation - International Research Update - January 2015 issue

• The Commissioner’s visit to South Africa • Switzerland and the Faroe Islands associated to H2020 • EU-Australia S&T Agreement 20 years old • EU-New Zealand Joint Committee • High Tech initiatives in the North of Israel • Mapping the Atlantic Seabed and much more... [read more]

66. New habitat model can help avoid Mediterranean hake overfishing - 16 Jan 2015

A habitat model, developed by the JRC and partner scientists, reveals that the main hake nurseries are mostly located from February to June in the northern Mediterranean, on the seabed in depths from 50 to 250 m. Such knowledge can guide decisions for sustainable fisheries management, such as the closure of fishing areas allowing hake stocks to recover from overfishing. [read more]

67. Research Headlines - Safety in numbers... for European transport systems

Years of research, application and targeted policy initiatives have massively improved the safety of Europe's transportation system. An EU-funded project has identified ways for researchers to share their knowledge and work with each other and policymakers, leading to new insights on how to make all transport modes safer for Europeans. [read more]

68. Rethinking the role of social sciences in H2020: Towards a reflective and generative perspective - 26 February 2015, Brussels

The workshop, organized by the University of Bologna in collaboration with the office of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Brussels, aims to discuss the contribution of SSH in the joint effort of the scientific community towards the interdisciplinarity required by the programme Horizon 2020, but also the impact and valorization of SSH research. It targets the academic community, private sector, policy-makers and civil society stakeholders. The parallel panels will present existing experiences and projects focusing on six key thematic drivers: 1.Social Innovation; 2. Sustainable Lifestyle and Food; 3. [read more]

69. Shaping the Future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

Digital technologies and the internet are changing how social innovation happens. Over the last 18 months the European Commission has funded Nesta, the Waag Society, Esade Business School and the Institute for Research and Innovation to study this new phenomenon, which we call Digital Social Innovation (DSI). [read more]

Thursday, 15 January 2015

70. 'Social networks are crucial in crisis scenarios management', says European study

iSAR+ will provide instructions for an efficient use of social media in crisis situations. The European research project reached an important milestone with a simulation of a crisis scenario in the Paris Montparnasse train station. [read more]

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