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Friday, 26 June 2015

61. Research Headlines - Extracting healthy ingredients for food and cosmetics from rice starch

EU-funded researchers are extracting small pieces of protein from rice starch by-products for 'superfoods' and new cosmetics. These 'magic' molecules could add a healthy twist to baby food, sports protein supplements and products for sufferers of coeliac disease. An engineered human skin eliminating any need for animal testing could also be on the market within two years. [read more]

62. STRANDS’ companion robot featured on Gadget Man TV series

Airing on the UK’s Channel 4 since November 2012, Gadget Man’s fourth season features TV presenter Richard Ayoade showcasing new technologies designed to make our lives easier. This week, the show featured a companion robot named Linda which was developed under the STRANDS project. [read more]

63. Soft computing solutions help to predict survival of multiple trauma patients

The research work draws from the premise that systems for measuring severity are necessary to compare results following the care given to severe trauma patients in very different populations. In this respect, certain indices for measuring severity are very useful in predicting the possibility of survival yet they are difficult to obtain in daily A&E practice. [read more]

Thursday, 25 June 2015

64. Events - Moana – The Rising of the Sea - 25 June 2015, Viage Theatre, Brussels

For anyone who lives on an island, surrounded by the deep, beautiful yet dangerous sea, it is a cruel thought that one day the island will be swallowed by the ocean. For the inhabitants of the tropical Pacific islands, this is about to happen. Global climate change makes the sea rise and the land disappear. How does it feel when the sea forces you to abandon all that you hold dear? What does the threat from climate change mean to the island societies and the families who live on the islands of Oceania? Written, directed, and perfomed by Pacific Islanders, Moana – The Rising of the Sea is an intense declaration of love to the natures and cultures of the Pacific, and a call for the world to think and act in these challenging times for Oceania. [read more]

65. International day against drug abuse: fast lane to identify new designer drugs - 26 Jun 2015

JRC scientists support the EU's fight against illicit drugs with their work on speedy recognition of new psychoactive substances. [read more]

66. No invasion of dangerous jellyfish in the Mediterranean this summer - 25 Jun 2015

Swimming in the Mediterranean this summer will be safe, according to a scientific article co-authored by the JRC about the potential invasion of the dangerous Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish. [read more]

67. PATHONGEN-TRACE researchers report breakthrough in tuberculosis research

Scientists from the PATHONGEN-TRACE project in Germany and France together with colleagues from the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases developed a new genetic method, paving the way for a more effective treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The new method enables researchers not only to predict which antibiotics result in resistance but, it allows for a precise selection of compounds which are most effective in the treatment of TB. [read more]

68. Research Headlines - Finding the link between language and perception

Language is at the heart of everyday communication. But we don't all understand language in the same way, with prior information, age and cognitive ability playing a key role. An EU-funded network is studying how people in different ability and age groups perceive language. Its projects are developing tools and training software that could help people with disorders like autism communicate better. [read more]

69. Stuart Ward steps down as F4E Governing Board Chair

Following the resignation of GB Chair, Stuart Ward, all GB members expressed their appreciation for his important contribution to F4E. [read more]

70. Success Stories - A safer, cheaper, greener Li-ion for electric cars

An EU-funded project has developed innovative components, chemical technologies and manufacturing processes for cheaper, more-dependable and greener Lithium-ion batteries. These breakthroughs promise to boost competitiveness among European battery and electric vehicle manufacturers. [read more]

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