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Monday, 20 April 2015

61. SPARC Partnership Board Meeting - 4 February 2015

The Public-Private Partnership in robotics (SPARC) met in Brussels on 4 Febrary 2015 and welcomed Chris Bourillon as the new Secretary General. [read more]

62. Switching Europe onto the next mobile generation

EU-funded researchers have developed the world's first 5G radio channel model; an innovation that will help set future mobile industry standards. [read more]

63. Tackling obesity via EU-funded R&D - 14 May 2015, Milan, Italy

In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight; of these, over 600 million were obese (source: World Health Organisation). This workshop will give an overview of the obesity research that the EU is currently funding. Obesity prevention is a complex issue, and can be tackled from different angles, such as understanding the dietary needs of specific target groups, promoting healthy diets or creating new foods. The seven EU projects presented at this workshop (EarlyNutrition, SATIN, I.Family, PREDIMED Plus, PREVIEW, Food4Me, NUDGE-IT) are investigating different approaches to combating the obesity epidemic. This conference is one of the EU Research and Innovation events addressing global food security and nutrition at Expo Milano 2015 [read more]

64. The Grand Debate on Nutrition Security - 13 May 2015, Milan, Italy

Food security is at the centre of many debates and research projects, but access to food and the consumption of safe and nutritious food are important aspects of this challenge. The ‘grand debate’ will highlight the role that both JPIs and the EU countries taking part in them could play to tackle this societal challenge. This conference is one of the EU Research and Innovation events addressing global food security and nutrition at Expo Milano 2015. [read more]

Friday, 17 April 2015

65. An Indigo Opportunity: Europe-India joint call for proposals on 'Diagnostics and interventions in Chronic non-communicable diseases'

The INNO INDIGO project launched its EU-India Joint Call on 'Diagnostics and interventions in Chronic non-communicable diseases' on 13 April. Deadline for submission of proposals: 22 June 2015. [read more]

66. CORDIS Express: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

This edition of CORDIS Express looks at some of the EU-funded projects exploring new therapies, tests and treatments to tackle prostate cancer. [read more]

67. PAN-Robots: Automating logistics for the factory of the future

Mass production and packaging in factories is already highly automated these days, but the same cannot be said for logistics. Movements of raw materials and finished products still depend heavily on manual labour. However, EU-funded research on Automatic Guided Vehicles means this is about to change over the next decade – and could create thousands of new jobs. [read more]

68. Research Headlines - Cheap and renewable electricity anywhere

Most wind energy comes from turbines 150 metres above ground level. Winds at this altitude are however weak and intermittent, with most wind farms operating at only 25 - 30% of their capacity. EU-funded researchers have developed a prototype wind energy system that works at much higher altitudes, where winds are stronger and more constant, increasing electricity production dramatically. A commercialised product is in the pipeline. [read more]

69. Sharing knowledge for the sustainable and safe use of chemicals

HEROIC researchers have developed a roadmap towards the sustainable and safe use of chemicals, combining environmental and human risk assessments. [read more]

70. Three innovative ways to advance cancer research

On Sunday 19 April 2015, at the ERC workshop Funding Opportunities in Europe for Creative Minds From Anywhere in the World taking place at the AACR, three of them will be sharing their experience with ERC funding. Discover their research projects, three different approaches that can make the difference in cancer research, three new ways to advance the scientific knowledge on cancer origin and development. [read more]

Items 61-70 of 119 – Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  8  9  10  11  12