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European Capital of Innovation Award 2017

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Wednesday, 08 March 2017

31. 2017 EU Prize for Women Innovators: Commission awards four outstanding entrepreneurs

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 8 March 2017 At an award ceremony in Brussels on International Women's Day, Commissioner Carlos Moedas and Vice-President of the European Parliament Mairead McGuinness announced the four winners of the 2017 Horizon 2020-funded EU Prize for Women Innovators. [read more]

32. The Future of Transportation World Conference in Koln, Germany - 5-6 July 2017, Cologne, Germany

A multiple-session conference bringing transportation experts together to discuss the future of transportation at the macro, societal and technological levels. [read more]

Tuesday, 07 March 2017

33. Events - FutureTDM Workshop II - European Parliament event on text and data mining - 29 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Using machine technology to sift through big data can help us further our understanding of the arts, business, science and beyond. This provides an opportunity for economic and cultural growth. Yet in the EU, we aren’t doing as much of this text and data mining as in other parts of the world. For the past 18 months, EU funded Project FutureTDM has been exploring why. Building on our findings (presented at our first workshop) we are now producing policy recommendations and guidelines to help improve EU uptake of TDM. We will present these along with our latest report on the economics of TDM at the European Parliament workshop on 29 March. [read more]

34. Let there be fusion!

A new documentary presents the facts about the energy crisis and sheds light on the potential of ITER. [read more]

35. Research Headlines - Novel therapy starves the engine driving cancer cell growth

European researchers have identified a novel approach to prevent the growth of cancer tumours and inhibit them from spreading, potentially leading to highly effective treatments with fewer side effects. [read more]

36. Success Stories - Sustainability and a sea of change for the ship industry

Today, the shipping industry finds itself in a sea of change. New international standards require vessels to reduce air pollution, meaning fewer emissions. It's a challenge for builders as altering a ship's power can sacrifice safety. How can the industry ensure that marine vessels remain safe while cutting emissions? A shipyard in Croatia is helping scientists to improve maritime transport. [read more]

Monday, 06 March 2017

37. 13-19 March: ERC Week to mark the 10th anniversary of the European Research Council

European Commission - Upcoming events The news: To mark its 10th anniversary, the European Research Council (ERC) is organising an "ERC week" on 13 - 19 March that will see more than 100 events taking place across Europe and beyond to promote the ERC's successful decade in funding some of... [read more]

38. Flexible and Integrated Energy Systems - A Smart Opportunity - 30 March 2017, Cardiff, United Kingdom

This afternoon workshop at the Welsh Horizon 2020 Annual Event will focus on R&I in relation to smart energy systems. You will hear about the excellent research being undertaken in Wales through the FLEXIS and SPECIFIC programmes, both funded by the European Regional Development Fund, as well as the wider U.K. and E.U. context. The advantages of international cooperation will be explored using examples of Horizon 2020 projects. Finally, the impact of research on real world problems and economic opportunities will be demonstrated through the examples of the Tata steel site in Port Talbot and a Bridgend Council's Heat Network preparations. [read more]

39. Research Headlines - Belgian schools: bringing equal opportunities to immigrant children

The Belgian school system is highly segregated. Poorer standards of education are seen in schools where pupils are predominantly of immigrant background. EU researchers are compiling new datasets and information about school composition and teaching cohesion to ensure segregation does not have to mean a difference in education standards. [read more]

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