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Thursday, 08 June 2017

31. 4th European Conference for Science Journalists - 27 June 2017, Copenhagen

27th June, Copenhagen: Rolf Heuer and Henrik Wegener at the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists – plenary session "Make scientific facts great again". The current and former Chair of the European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism High Level Group of Scientific Advisors (SAM HLG) will be joined after this session by HLG members Janusz Bujnicki, Pearl Dykstra, Elvira Fortunato, Rolf Heuer, Carina Keskitalo and Cédric Villani for a press briefing. Registration is now open! [read more]

32. ENERGY in HORIZON 2020: remaining opportunities for 2017 and introduction to the 2018-2020 WP - 22 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2017 (EUSEW17), C-Energy 2020, the network of the Horizon 2020 Energy NCPs, invites you to the half-day workshop “ENERGY in HORIZON 2020: remaining opportunities for 2017 and introduction to the 2018-2020 Work Programme". The event is organised in collaboration with: - the NCP_WIDE.NET network, the network of the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, - the Enterprise Europe Network and - ERRIN, the European Regions Research & Innovation Network Participants will also be able to PRESENT THEIR PROJECT PROPOSALS or COOPERATION OFFERS. [read more]

33. Events - European Open Science Cloud Summit - 12 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The summit will be Europe’s moment of commitment to the EOSC and it will generate a number of concrete EOSC Statements for implementation. By reviewing key areas of EOSC implementation and endorsing the EOSC statements, participants will take upon themselves to make the EOSC a reality by 2020. In that respect, the summit wants to mark a clear milestone, and prove willingness to build the EOSC as an inclusive and sustainable open commons for Europe’s research and innovation system. The event aims to: • take stock of the progress made so far • give stakeholders the opportunity to review the Commission's vision for the European Open Science Cloud • build consensus on the implementation plan and next steps Commissioner Moedas will open the event with a speech, which will be followed by a panel discussion. [read more]

34. Events - LABIOTECH REFRESH - 8 June 2017, Berlin

DG RTD participates in the 3rd edition of the LABIOTECH REFRESH Conference, which brings together Europe's Biotech leaders and innovators. [read more]

35. Events - Re-thinking Sustainable Food Systems - 20 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

White Rose Brussels is hosting an event on food security during which eminent scientists from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York will present their research on sustainable soil management for intensive arable systems, developed in collaboration with farmers, plant breeders and the supply chain. The keynote speech at the beginning of the meeting will be delivered by Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. The seminar will be an opportunity to learn more about the White Rose Sustainable Agriculture Consortium and international linkages and to join in the discussion on re-thinking sustainable food systems with the academics, Thierry de l’Escaille (European Landowners’ Organisation) and Nicolas Villacorta (Food 2030, DG RTD). [read more]

36. H2020 Communication Campaign - 26 June 2017, Constanta, Romania

The overall objective of the Communication Campaign is to have a positive preventive effect on the errors likely to be committed by the beneficiaries, by explaining the key issues of the financial provisions of the H2020 General Model Grant agreement. [read more]

37. Research Headlines - Valuable metals not stuck in the mud

Bauxite residue - the by-product from the extraction of aluminium from bauxite ore - has the consistency of thick, red mud. Disposing of this waste poses a serious problem for industry, as does the risk of spills. But red mud can also be a source of critical metals. The REDMUD project intends to turn residues into low-carbon building materials - and to train researchers along the way. [read more]

38. Winding the final conductor for Europe’s ITER Toroidal coils

Bending 760 m of Niobium Tin for the last time. [read more]

Wednesday, 07 June 2017

39. Research Headlines - Turning rubbish into added-value resources

The NEW-MINE project will identify and develop enhanced landfill-mining technology to transform landfill waste into high-added-value products, such as fuel and building materials. [read more]

40. Success Stories - 'Electric' bacteria can purify sewage water - fast

Harnessing bacteria that produce electricity and break down organic waste, a European research project is developing a new, environmentally friendly way to purify sewage water in small communities. [read more]

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