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Thursday, 13 April 2017

31. Success Stories - Researchers cover all bases to stop dengue fever spread

Dengue fever kills around 25 000 people every year and infects 50-100 million, according to the WHO. With incidences rising, there is a new urgency to predict where it will strike (is Europe at risk?) and who is vulnerable. Doctors also need the tools to diagnose the disease quickly, while gaining the upper hand over the mosquitoes that carry the virus would limit its spread in the first place. Between them, three EU-funded projects are approaching Dengue Fever from each of these angles in the race to save lives. [read more]

32. Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations - 22-23 May 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Mobility4EU and MIND-SETS present the public event “Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations”. The event will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of May at the Conference Centre Bouche à Oreille in Brussels. This public event will bring together experts on innovations in mobility across all modes to discuss the new challenges and new demands on transport in Europe. Keynote speakers will provide the impetus for a discussion with a selection of ongoing European projects that are looking into future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe. [read more]

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

33. Research Headlines - Composing better biocomposites

High-performance biocomposites derived from wheat straw and recycled paper? EU-funded researchers have developed new materials and components based on substances isolated from these renewable residues. They have also found a way to extract silica from the straw, offering a greener alternative to current production methods for this compound. [read more]

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

34. Opportunities for small wind turbines in urban areas - Results of the SWIP Project - 11 May 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Small scale wind energy has significant potential in urban, suburban and industrial areas, but numerous challenges currently stand in the way to wide-scale uptake of this decentralised energy resource. At this conference, organised in the framework of the European-funded SWIP project, you will learn about new technological developments in small wind turbines, and how to best integrate small turbines into urban areas, taking account of aesthetic impact, noise, vibration and safety issues, social awareness and acceptance, and regulatory and commercial limitations. [read more]

35. Research Headlines - At home in extreme environments: Europe's first space analogue habitat

What would it be like to live on Mars? Much like Earth, maybe, in due course - but the pioneers who will one day head out there will face a deeply hostile environment upon arrival. EU-funded researchers have developed a habitat for simulated space missions in suitably challenging locations down here on Earth. It can also support research in extreme conditions. [read more]

36. Success Stories - Avatars help schizophrenia patients silence tormenting voices

People with schizophrenia are volunteering for a European research project to help the control and perhaps even silence the tormenting voices in their heads by confronting a computer avatar of themselves. [read more]

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