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Thursday, 20 August 2015

21. Ancient manuscripts in Ethiopia: preserving an historical and cultural heritage

The written sources of ancient Christian Ethiopia (which included part of contemporary Eritrea) are considered by scholars as the most important element of the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Experts estimate that currently at least 200,000 manuscripts from the past millennium belong to local monastic libraries and archives. These collections, including biblical and liturgical texts, hagiographies, legal documents and local historical writings, are the witnesses of an African Christian culture born as early as the 4th century A.D. [read more]

22. August newsletter

August's edition of the TRIP monthly newsletter has now been published: [read more]

23. Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003 - 20 Aug 2015

Much of the European continent has been affected by severe drought in June and July 2015, one of the worst since the drought and heat wave of summer of 2003. [read more]

24. Research Headlines - Capitalising on the power of Earth Observation for economic development

EOPOWER, an EU-funded project that seeks to bring Earth Observation (EO) products into wider use among environmental decision-makers, is raising awareness of EO's uses while building capacity. Strengthening the role of EO in environmental policy will contribute to sustainable economic development globally. Partners have published an online catalogue and pledged to keep up the awareness-raising after the project ends. [read more]

25. Submit your project to TRIP

The Transport Research and Innovation Portal is home to information on over7,700 transport research projectswithover 10,000 active userseach month. There has never been a better time to submit your project description to TRIP and increase awareness of your work among Europe's policy-makers and researchers. [read more]

26. Success Stories - Recharging without cables: the road ahead for electric cars

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly a form of transport with a future, but many technical challenges have to be overcome before they replace petrol and diesel-fuelled cars. Researchers in Zaragoza in northern Spain are working on resolving one of the biggest problems; how to efficiently recharge batteries. [read more]

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

27. MEP Martina Dlabajová visits ITER site to see progress

MEP Martina Dlabajová was updated on the overall progress of the ITER project and in particular on Europe's contribution. [read more]

28. Research Headlines - Fast, accurate and cost-effective test to help eradicate malaria

EU-funded researchers are developing a highly accurate, cost-effective and simple-to-use test for malaria. The innovative diagnostic tool, which is being refined and tested in Africa and Asia, promises to save lives through early detection while advancing efforts to eradicate the deadly mosquito-borne disease. [read more]

29. Success Stories - Research boost for future fusion reactor

Harnessing nuclear fusion could generate unlimited, sustainable energy. An EU-funded project has helped advance atomic modelling in preparation for a future fusion reactor. [read more]

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

30. Foresight food security: from hunger and poverty to food system approach - 18 Aug 2015

Food security policy should be moving towards a much broader landscape and focusing on regular access to food, while addressing food insecurity for a fraction of communities. [read more]

Items 21-30 of 59 – Page: 1  2  4  5  6