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This Syndicated News page (News from across the EU) contains articles for the last 20 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research and Innovation. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

61. European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2017 - Statement by Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, and Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation

Commission - Statement European Brussels, 15 November 2017 Today we mark the 10th anniversary of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, by raising awareness once more about the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – one of the biggest threats to global health. [read more]

62. Events - Clean Air Forum - 16-17 November 2017, Paris, France

The European Clean Air Forum will provide a basis for structured dialogues, exchange of knowledge and good practices, and enhance capacity of relevant stakeholders to improve air quality. It aims to reflect on the development of policies, projects and programmes in the context of air pollution and air quality, and facilitate the implementation of European, national and local air policies.The Clean Air Forum will focus on three themes: air quality in cities; agriculture and air quality and clean air business opportunities. The conference itself will thus bring together experts on the above topics as well as decision-makers and stakeholders in a two-day conference. In this occasion, information will be spread about: the H2020 funded projects LOWBRASYS - on particle emissions from brakes and their reduction - PEMS4NANO, Sureal23 and DOWN2TEN - on understanding and measurement of particles below the current 23 nanometres and development of a PEMS system; and on the two RTD Horizon Prizes for Retrofit and Clean Engine of the Future. [read more]

63. Events - Innovation Sessions – Industrial Digitalization & European Mobility - 21 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium

With the participation of the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, the Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP), in cooperation with the Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP), the Portuguese Agency for Innovation (ANI), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and Eupportunity, would like to invite you to participate in the second “Innovation Sessions” event, a space to present and debate perspectives on innovative sectors. The 2017 edition of the Innovation Sessions will focus on Industrial Digitalization and on European Mobility. [read more]

64. International Workshop on Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience - 30 November - 1 December 2017, Madrid, Spain

IMDEA Nanociencia is delighted to announce the launching of the International Workshop Series, a set of workshops that will be held in the facilities of IMDEA Nanociencia every 3-6 months with a duration of 1-2 days. The aim of the workshop is to provide an insight to the latest investigations, foster/strengthen research collaborations in this field, and to exchange knowledge in an active manner. The workshop also brings the opportunity both to experienced and early-stage researchers to listen to high-level advances in a specific topic. The first workshop of the series, entitled “Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience”, will take place on the 30th Nov. [read more]

65. Research Headlines - A breath of fresh air for concentrated solar power

By directing sunlight from a large surface towards a much smaller one, concentrated solar power (CSP) plants can produce temperatures of more than 1000°C. Better heat transfer fluids are needed to capture this bounty. EU-funded researchers have developed a solution involving ceramic particles suspended in air. [read more]

66. Research Headlines - An efficient test for harmful chemicals in consumer products

Brominated organic chemicals, man-made chemical compounds added to many consumer products to make them less flammable, have raised numerous health and environmental concerns in recent years. An EU-funded project is evaluating a commercially ready tool to test for the presence of these harmful substances and prevent them from affecting ecosystems and human health. [read more]

67. Research Headlines - Better data flows to reduce water use

In an effort to reduce agricultural pressure on water resources - the sector accounts for up to 80 % of water use in some parts of the EU, researchers are on a mission to improve on-farm irrigation management. More precise land-surface data will make soil-water content estimates more accurate and reduce water use. [read more]

68. Research Headlines - Growing the bioeconomy together

Innovative bio-based alternatives already exist for many products derived from fossil fuels, and research teams worldwide are busily developing new solutions. An EU-funded project is encouraging Europeans to explore the prospect of a sustainable economy firmly rooted in renewables and fostering dialogue on its governance. [read more]

69. Research Headlines - Nature has the solutions, but still needs help

An EU-funded project is calling for a step-change in how nature-based solutions like green roofs and city lagoons are used for sustainable urbanisation and in tackling climate change. But first, the project's researchers are addressing a yawning knowledge gap on current best practices and impacts. [read more]

70. Research Headlines - New microscope technologies light up vital medical research

New photonic microscopes, systems and techniques developed within the EU-backed PHOQUS project are shining a light on vital medical research bringing life sciences and physics closer together. Findings will have direct applications in medicine, especially for better disease diagnosis. [read more]

Items 61-70 of 147 – Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15