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Ebola virus

New: EU research on Ebola

To address the urgent need, the EU is boosting its investment in Ebola research via an exceptional procedure – supporting the most advanced vaccine and treatment candidates

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Monday, 15 December 2014

51. Stress Biology and Crop Fertility Conference - 18-22 March 2015, Sorrento, Italy

We are pleased to announce the 3rd Conference organized in the framework of the SPOT-ITN project (Marie Curie Actions, Initial Training Network, EU Grant Agreement No 289220). The conference will bring together approximately 20 speakers of outstanding international reputation and different background covering various scientific aspects and the young scientists of the SPOT-ITN consortium. Speakers will provide an overview of recent developments and approaches in the field and will share with the audience their thoughts and ideas for future avenues in their research. We hope this symposium will attract not only established scientists, but also international graduate students and postdocs interested in the field. Topics include: Global Stress Response - Hormone Signalling - Sexual Plant Reproduction - Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Reproduction - Metabolic, Proteomic and Genomic Networks in Stress and Development. [read more]

52. Tackling tiny mites to bring major benefits to egg suppliers

A collaborative pan-European research effort to rid laying hens of a common disease-spreading pest has just been launched. [read more]

Friday, 12 December 2014

53. Brand new photos from the ITER construction site

See the progress of the Assembly Hall building and the Tokamak complex. [read more]

54. CORDIS Express: The wealth in our waste

This edition of CORDIS Express covers the ongoing research projects and related news and events that are turning waste into a resource. [read more]

55. ERC speakers take TEDx Brussels by storm!

Five ERC-funded researchers took to the stage at TEDx Brussels last week, inspiring the 2000-strong crowd with their fascinating research projects. [read more]

56. F4E opts for IBM platform to follow up its share of ITER components

The DOORS® to one of the largest technical databases are now open! [read more]

57. Research Headlines - Cutting waste and maximising output in the mussel industry

The European Union (EU)-funded research project MusselsAlive has created better methods for handling, transporting, storing and reducing waste in the mussel industry. In particular, the team has developed new holding systems that can help keep the mussels fresher for longer on their journey to the consumer. [read more]

58. Research Infrastructures - New consortium of mega-antennas will bring stargazing to a new level

The collaboration of telescopes around the globe, involved in measuring celestial objects at radio frequencies, will now be easier and more efficient. The European Commission decided today (12 December 2014) to allow them to form a consortium. [read more]

59. Strengthening the SET-Plan - 12 Dec 2014

Over 650 energy stakeholders from Europe and beyond gathered in Rome this week for the 7th Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) Conference. The conference offered a unique opportunity for all stakeholders and representatives of national and EU institutions to have in-depth discussions on the new developments of the SET Plan towards an integrated roadmap and action plan addressing research & innovation challenges and needs of the EU energy system. [read more]

60. Transparency and residents’ involvement make retrofitting work

A residential energy-saving retrofitting program adopts strategies to convince local inhabitants of its benefits. [read more]

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