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Friday, 03 February 2017

31. Research Headlines - Enabling European innovation in industrial biotech

The EU-funded BIO-TIC project has issued a roadmap to help European industrial biotech companies overcome the hurdles to innovation that have prevented the widespread commercialisation of bio-based products. [read more]

32. Special metal to be used in ITER gets tested

F4E together with Studsvik and NRG to irradiate and analyse EUROFER97 specimens. [read more]

33. „Life in Forests” professional forestry conference - 21-22 March 2017, Sopron, Hungary

The „Life in Forests” professional forestry conference organized within the framework of the “Improved communication, cooperation and capacity building for preserving biodiversity in Natura 2000 forests” LIFE13 INF/HU/001163 project. Major objective of the event is to discuss issues concerning the management of Natura 2000 sites, in particular of sustainable forest management, the aspect of species and habitats of community importance and the social, jurisdictional situation of the Natura 2000 sites. We expect more than 200 participants. [read more]

Thursday, 02 February 2017

34. ECRA General Assembly 2017 - 7-8 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The ECRA General Assembly 7-8 March 2017 "Climate Change and Vulnerable Regions" is organised by the European Climate Research Alliance in Brussels (Square Brussels Meeting Centre, Coudenberg 3, 1000 Brussels). This conference will present key challenges in climate research, which are identified in ECRA’s Collaborative Programmes. This meeting will be a forum for scientists, policy makers and stakeholders from relevant climate initiatives to discuss climate research priorities, most vulnerable regions and opportunities for adaptation strategies, improving collaboration in climate research, advancing integrated science and impact assessments. [read more]

35. Research Headlines - Tapping the biotech potential of 'synthetic cell factories'

EU-funded researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of bioengineering microbial strains in a controlled manner, a fundamental scientific breakthrough that has significant potential for drug development and biotechnology. The project was also instrumental in establishing a new scientific discipline - xenobiology. [read more]

36. The Third International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCTIM2017) - 8-10 December 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at Metropolitan College, Thessaloniki, Greece from December 8-10, 2017 which aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications. [read more]

Items 31-36 of 36 – Page: 1  2  3