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Tuesday, 04 August 2015

21. Commission publishes first call for proposals for Sixth Framework programme

Research centres, universities and enterprises are invited to respond to the first batch of calls for proposals, representing a total first budgetary allocation of EUR5 billion. [read more]

22. Community participation online

When public authorities plan new building projects, they often encounter resistance from local pressure groups wanting to defend their own interests. This can lead to conflicts and irrational disputes. The Zeno software platform provides a means to marshal the debate. [read more]

23. Contract Research Online Survey (CROS)

Approximately 45 UK Universities will run CROS surveys via the Web in February 2003. [read more]

24. Cooling milk using sun energy

The company Tarre of Navarre in collaboration with the Public University of Navarre has built a prototype for cooling milk. This cooling and maintenance system takes the energy directly from a photovoltaic system and so there is no need to use batteries. [read more]

25. Down with Internet obstacles!

A few months ago, the German government passed a law which aims to improve the mobility of handicapped people, also as Internet users. The I2BN project is investigating the needs of such users and developing the appropriate solutions for Internet servers. [read more]

26. ELOISE - European Land Ocean Interaction Studies - Conference, 24-27 march, 2003

The European Commission's project cluster for coastal zone research in which the focus is on how the land-ocean interaction operates, and how this is influenced by human activities, will hold its annual Conference entitled "European Conference on Coastal Zone Research: an ELOISE approach" from 24-27 March in Gdansk, Poland. [read more]

27. EPPIC Thematic Network European Pulp and Paper Industry more Competitive

What is EPPIC,Building a competitive European pulp and paper industry through integrating efficient energy, water and pulp management, utilising innovative optimisation techniques and creating a knowledge database for sustainable growth. [read more]

28. ESA Director General to meet the press in Paris

On Monday 20 January 2003, ESA Director General, Antonio Rodota will be meeting the media at ESA Headquarters in Paris. The gathering will start at 08:30 with breakfast, followed at 09:00 by a press conference to take stock of the Agency's activities in 2002 and to announce those planned for 2003. [read more]

29. EU ADONIS Project workshop on software development outsourcing to the NIS

The EU funded ADONIS (application development outsourcing to the newly independent states) consortium will present the project at a workshop in Berlin on 31 March. [read more]

30. EUROGRID - European Testbed for GRID Applications

Computational GRIDs are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of highperformance computing research and infrastructure. In the worldwide computer science community the benefits of GRID technology have been amply demonstrated, and GRID systems are being phased into daily use at universities and research centres, for instance for remote experiments in material sciences, biology and astrophysics. [read more]

Items 21-30 of 205 – Page: 1  2  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21