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Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research

This Syndicated News page contains articles for the last 30 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research Area. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Thursday, 04 February 2016

11. Launch of EU-CELAC Joint Initiative on Health Research and Innovation - 15 March 2016, Brussels, Belgium

EU-LAC Health partners and other country representatives have been paving the way for the EU-CELAC Joint Initiative on Health Research and Innovation (JIRI-Health) towards the EU-CELAC Common Research Area. The JIRI-Health is a bi-regional joint programming in health research and innovation to be implemented by using already existing funding instruments according to topics jointly agreed between the EU and LAC countries, upon flexible and variable geometry. A preliminary agenda of this event is now available. Click here to access the event. Registration required. [read more]

12. Research Headlines - A portable device to detect the signs of cancer

A portable device to detect potential signs of cancer in a patient's urine is under development within the EU-funded research project GLAM. The project aims to speed up cancer diagnosis and monitoring, while making the process both less intrusive and less unpleasant. [read more]

13. Special features - World Cancer Day: EU Research to Fight Cancer

Cancer now accounts for a quarter of all deaths and is the number one cause of death for people aged 45-64 in an increasing number of Member States overtaking cardiovascular disease. Find out what EU-funded research is doing to combat one of the biggest killers of the 21st century. [read more]

14. Success Stories - An algae-based solution to prosthetic-related infections

The NOMORFILM project is looking into whether biomolecules in marine microalgae can combat bacterial and fungal infections associated with prosthetic devices and catheters. Preventing infections will improve patient care and help cut the cost of treating complications, estimated at € 7 billion a year in Europe. [read more]

Wednesday, 03 February 2016

15. 10 million € in 2016: Spanish funding for Eurostars doubles in two years

Good news for innovative SMEs based in Spain - due to the excellent results of the Spanish participants in past Eurostars Calls, Spanish funding for the programme has doubled in only two years (5 million € in 2014, 7 million € in 2015, 10 million € in 2016). Various promotional events make sure that many high- quality applications are expected for the 5th cut-off date (CoD) on 18 February 2016, 20h00 Brussels time. [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

16. EU Energy - New experimental facility boosts European research on fusion energy

A key experimental facility in the EU-backed research programme for developing low carbon fusion electricity is inaugurated today in Germany in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. [read more]

17. Eurostars: €1.9 million to develop treatment for clotting disorders

A grant for €1.9 million has been awarded under the Eurostars programme to a consortium that comprises UK company Antitope Limited (a subsidiary of life sciences group Abzena plc), Dutch biopharmaceutical companies Prothix BV and Aristi Biotech BV, the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) and GenOway, a French company. [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

18. Research Headlines - A gateway to better protection against malaria

Anti-malaria netting developed by the EU-funded project MCD has received US$10.2 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for field tests of the invention in Côte d'Ivoire and Tanzania. [read more]

Tuesday, 02 February 2016

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