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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

1. 3D Cell Culture 2017 - 22-23 February 2017, London, United Kingdom

Following the success of the sell-out Cell Based Assay series, SMi Group is delighted to launch its inaugural conference on 3D Cell Culture which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2017 in London [read more]

2. ERA Chairs and mobility schemes in H2020: Drivers, barriers & lessons learnt - 12 October 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This workshop aims to highlight and share lessons learned on selected mobility schemes at institutional level. An interactive session will identify how the mobility schemes presented in this workshop (Spreading Excellence, selected MSCA as well as COST Actions) can have a synergistic effect.Conclusions and proposals for improvement will be communicated to the European Commission for consideration.Mobility schemes in Horizon 2020 have become much more than researcher capacity–building measures or instruments for simply attracting excellent researchers. They also aim to bring value to host organisations and the regions concerned, contributing to the path of sustainable growth in the frame of Smart Specialisation (RIS3). [read more]

3. Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology - 11-13 September 2017, Valencia, Spain

Magnus Group is pleased to invite you to participate in the Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology during September 11-13, 2017 at Valencia, Spain The Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology Conference, will present cutting-edge research with a wide range of topics in plant biology on how plants sense, process, integrate and store information related to environmental challenges. It is a Global platform that brings together a range of disciplines, will foster the exchange of ideas and enable participants to learn of the latest developments and ideas in diverse areas of plant biology. [read more]

4. International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health - 14-16 September 2017, Valencia, Spain

International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health Magnus Group is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health at Valencia, Spain during September 14–16, 2017. The (ICD 2017) Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health is an International Dentistry and oral Health Conference, is a professional association that focuses on research in the field of dentistry. The aim of this association by constitution is to promote research in all fields of oral and related sciences, to encourage improvements in methods for the prevention and treatment of oral and dental disease, to improve the oral health of the public through research, and to facilitate cooperation among investigators and the communication of research findings and their implications throughout the world. [read more]

5. Synergies between ESI funds and H2020: Understanding how synergies work in practice - 11-12 October 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This event will showcase examples of times EF/ESIF and FP7/H2020 funds combined to leverage the impact of R&I investments. It will also analyse key success factors in creating synergies, as well as barriers to creating synergies. It is a very practical workshop aimed at: • national and/or regional authorities• universities• local industry• research and technology centres• development and innovation agencies• all other stakeholders who work closely in the field of realising synergies This workshop is based on the need to fully exploit opportunities for synergies by combining funds from EU Framework programmes and Structural Funds. This is done under the framework of Smart Specialisation (RIS3) and for the fulfilment of Cohesion Policy. [read more]

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

6. F4E invests in Vector Network Analyser for ITER and European fusion research

This device will qualify the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry (PPR) system which will evaluate the position and shape of the plasma. [read more]

7. Research Headlines - Collaborative, cost-effective approach to fuel cell manufacturing

Efforts to establish a robust hydrogen-based transport sector in Europe must be underpinned by an equally healthy manufacturing industry for essential hydrogen-powered vehicle components. [read more]

Monday, 26 September 2016

8. Euro Endocrinology Conferences - 18-19 May 2017, Munich, Germany

Euro Endocrinology 2017 conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Diabetes and Endocrinology research. It is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. [read more]

9. EuroGUCH 2017 Meeting - 5-6 May 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland

The EuroGUCH 2017 meeting is the most prestigious conference on adult congenital heart disease in Europe, organized under the auspices of the working group on grown-up congenital heart disease of the European Society of Cardiology. The meeting will cover important and burning topics in adult congenital heart disease and will have an international faculty including many European opinion leaders in the field. [read more]

10. Events - Science Agora 2016 - 3-6 November 2016, Japan

For the second year running, the Delegation of the European Union to Japan, together with Member State embassies, European research institutions and Japanese partners will put on a number of exciting activities showcasing Europe-Japan joint research projects and featuring talks by some of the foremost experts on topics related to the themes of this year's Science Agora. The EU Delegation will host several events, like: - Inauguration: European Participation in Science Agora 2016 (4 November) - Booth: Europa Science House (3 & 6 November) - Agora Keynote Session: Arts, Science, Technology and Creativity (5 November) The full list of events co-organised by the EU Delegation in Japan can be found here [read more]

Items 1-10 of 61 – Page: 2  3  4  5  6  7