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This Syndicated News page (News from across the EU) contains articles for the last 20 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research and Innovation. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

31. MareFrame Policy & Scientific Days - 13-14 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Two day event: Dec 13 - Increased use of an Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Solutions and Dec 14 - Advances in Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management. [read more]

32. Research Headlines - A new shine on nickel-plating processes

An EU-funded project has developed a new, eco-efficient waste treatment process for nickel plating that cuts industry costs and contributes to the resource conservation objectives of the circular economy. In addition to clear environmental benefits, it also gives a sharper competitive edge to European SMEs. [read more]

33. Research Headlines - A new standard for citizen participation in policy

We all have a view on how we want society to be. And we all live in a world that is a result of policies adopted. An EU-funded project is making it possible for European citizens to put the future they want on the research agenda. [read more]

34. Research Headlines - Deciphering dynamic gene expression

An EU-funded project has generated key insights into how gene expression is regulated dynamically in certain cells of the immune system, opening up novel avenues for research to advance understanding of disease progression. [read more]

35. Research Headlines - Learning from past crises to protect future biodiversity

The EU funded PRIDE project is investigating drivers of biotic turnover (the rate at which organisms die) in lakes in the Black Sea / Caspian Sea (Pontocaspian) region to understand the nature and severity of the current biodiversity crisis. Increased understanding will help the project team design conservation strategies to mitigate biodiversity loss. [read more]

36. Research Headlines - New materials could lead to breakthroughs in healthcare and energy

EU-funded researchers are developing innovative materials that could herald improvements in energy efficiency and the environment, as well as the fight against bacterial infections in patients. [read more]

37. Research Headlines - Stellar careers emerging from black holes

Astrophysics is where the stars meet their makers, literally and perhaps metaphorically too, as young researchers in an EU-funded project have boosted their careers delving into the origins, behaviour and evolution of black holes. The project has led to new tools and discoveries about how matter is treated in space and time - keeping Europe at the forefront of space research. [read more]

38. Research Headlines - Taming living cells for industrial production

EU researchers have gained new insights into how cells protect themselves in response to external stress. With further development, the results could have wide applications in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals - ultimately helping to reduce the use of petroleum-based inputs and boosting Europe's competitiveness. [read more]

39. Research Headlines - The case for a virus-resistant plum tree

A virus-resistant plum tree could save growers billions of euros from crop losses, according to EU-funded researchers who are helping the European agricultural industry reinforce defences against disease and the impact of climate change. [read more]

40. Research Headlines - The precise nature of CERN’s planned 50-km particle beam

The next generation of particle colliders will demand unprecedented precision in the alignment of their components. EU-funded researchers have pushed the limits with new techniques for the accurate positioning of scientific equipment. [read more]

Items 31-40 of 147 – Page: 1  2  3  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15