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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

71. Clinical study on lifelong aortic heart valve replacements - EU awards EUR 5 million to ARISE project

March 2015 saw the Kick-off Meeting of the EU-funded clinical study 'Aortic Valve Replacement using Individualised Regenerative allografts: Bridging the Therapeutic Gap', which took place at the EACTS house in Windsor (UK) - European Association For Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. The project will be funded with EUR 5 million over the next four years and is coordinated by the Hannover Medical School in Germany. [read more]

72. Eurostars-2: 606 SMEs participated in cut-off 3

Published on: 17-March-2015 On 5 March, the Eurostars–2 programme's third cut-off closed wit (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

73. Events - Building Together Knowledge-oriented and Forward-looking EU Neighbourhood – Developing A Common Knowledge and Innovation Space - 31 March 2015, Brussels

The event, organized jointly by the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) and the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs (AFET) and Industry, Technology, Research and Energy (ITRE) committees, will be opened by the Chairs of both committees (Elmar Brok and Jerzy Buzek respectively) together with EU Commissioner, Carlos Moedas, and the Latvian Minister for Education and Science, Marite Seile. It will include a conference with keynote speakers and roundtables to allow for discussion, an exhibition of posters and video testimonials of research projects involving ENP countries, and a reception for the participants to allow networking. The main objective of the event is to illustrate the potential and results of the EU-ENP cooperation in research and innovation towards the achievement of a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space between the EU and its Neighbours (both under FP7 and the recently launched Horizon 2020) as well as to identify future prospects for cooperation in this field, including foster the strong involvement of the ENP countries in Horizon 2020. [read more]

74. FoFAM project takes 3D printing to the factory floor

Published on: 17-March-2015 Additive manufacturing is a term used to describe new manufacturing processes derived from 3D printing technologies. An EU-backed coordination and support action, read more]

Source: EUREKA News

75. New composite material promises to displace imports from outside Europe

Oscar Valdemoros, coordinator of the LIMOWOOD project, discusses the new composite material developed by the team and its future commercialisation. [read more]

76. New food prototypes using whey from cheese-making dairies - sheep, hen and chicken feedstuffs also created

AZTI’s Food Research Unit has managed to obtain a series of food prototypes using whey produced by cheese-making dairies, which allows a commercial outlet to be provided for an organic product that is routinely treated as waste and which could end up causing pollution if it is not properly disposed of. The NEIKER R&D centre has likewise produced various animal feed prototypes which contain between 6 % and 12 % of whey in their composition. [read more]

77. OPTICS Workshop - 28-29 April 2015, Onera, Toulouse, France

The second Safety Research OPTICS Expert Workshop is focussing upon Air Vehicle Operations and Traffic Management and its contribution to Flightpath 2050 safety goals. It is to be held on 28-29 April 2015 at ONERA, Toulouse. This follows a successful first Expert Workshop on Human Factors last July, which set the basis for new EU research. [read more]

78. Patent analysis as a policy tool for the European Digital Single Market - 17 Mar 2015

Nearly a third of patents filed for technologies in digital communication at the European Patent Office originate in Asia (mainly China, Japan and Korea) and numbers are increasing; what are the consequences? This and other questions were addressed today at the JRC's conference on "The Role of Patents – Innovation in the European digital single market". [read more]

79. Recycling aircraft more efficiently

The IK4 R&D Alliance is leading the European SENTRY project which is working on the advanced recycling of the materials used in aircraft fuselage parts, so that they can be incorporated again into their original application. [read more]

80. Success Stories - Growing greener fuel for cleaner transport

Plants might be the source of a new renewable fuel for planes, or new greener ingredients to replace fossil resources used to produce plastics. At an experimental agriculture plot near Athens in Greece, agricultural engineers are growing plants which could produce these new greener fuels. [read more]

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