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Wednesday, 08 April 2015

61. Eurostars, a model in industrial policy for the European Parliament’s policy directorate

Published on: 08-April-2015 The European Parliament’s Directorate for internal policies recently released a study on policies targeting industry, research and energy. Taking note of the rece (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

62. Inductive charging is already closer to electric vehicle users thanks to the UNPLUGGED project

UNPLUGGED has investigated how the use of this inductive charging in urban environments improves the convenience and sustainability of electric mobility, developing a flexible quick wireless charging system so that the battery of an electric vehicle, can be charged without needing to leave the car. The project has been a European initiative supported by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) where 17 partners have been involved. [read more]

63. Join the process towards the 'Baltic Sea Region as one test site for development of health care products and services'

A process has in 2014 been initiated aiming for the 'Baltic Sea Region as one test site for development of health care products and services'. If successful this is a huge benefit for SMEs which faster and easier can bring their innovations to the market and it improves the health care offered to patients. For the regions it means more efficient use of existing research and innovation infrastructure and economic development. Read more [read more]

64. Life at the coalface: CITyFiED consortium & cities visit to Soma demo site in Turkey

Nothing can replace the value and insight gained by a hands-on visit. [read more]

65. New governance proposed to enhance energy renovation in buildings - 08 Apr 2015

The JRC has recently launched a new report calling for a concerted effort to phase out inefficient buildings from the European building stock. [read more]

66. Research Headlines - Keeping the noise down in city centres

If you live or work in a city centre, you will know how stressful constant traffic noise can be. But adaptations to roads, tyres, vehicles and urban planning could reduce traffic noise to less than one-tenth current levels in towns and cities, say EU researchers. They have paved the way by developing an approach - along with new designs for road surfaces and tyres - to turn the volume down. [read more]

Tuesday, 07 April 2015

67. Events - WIRE 2015 (Week for Innovative Regions in Europe) - 4-5 June 2015, Riga, Latvia

This 6th edition of the WIRE Conference provides a forum for policy dialogue on Research, Innovation, Regional Strategies and Growth. Held since 2010, it has been established as a debate leading to new proposals for improving the effectiveness of regional, national and European governance, measuring the impact and supporting regional development. The Conference focuses this year on: - From programme to implementation: the key challenges for regions - How to close the innovation divide: the role of regions- Overcoming the barriers to innovation and stimulating regional strategies [read more]

68. F4E and Ferrovial collaborate to heat up ITER’s mega plasma

The construction site is getting ready for the impressive electricity infrastructure [read more]

69. France and Turkey launch call for joint projects in research and innovation

Published on: 07-April-2015 France and Turkey have announced a joint call for research project proposals. Research organisations and companies from both countries are invited to submit joint proje (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

70. Removing risk to unleash the full potential of nanomaterials

NANOREG researchers are working with global regulatory institutions to develop a toolbox for assessing the safety of nanomaterials. [read more]

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