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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

61. 3rd HBP School - Future Neuroscience - The Multiscale Brain: From Genes to Behaviour - 28 November - 4 December 2016, Obergurgl, Austria

The 3rd HBP School is jointly organised by the Human Brain Project (HBP) and the Allen Institute for Brain Science (AI) and offers a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of neuroscience relevant to the HBP research programme. Understanding the brain requires an integrated understanding of different scales of organisation spanning genes, channels, cells, microcircuits, brain regions and their roles in behaviour from perception to action in different states including wakefulness and sleep. This course will take the student through the latest data, models and techniques for investigating the different levels of the brain and through the process of putting the pieces together to derive new insights and theories. Workshops each day will guide the student with hands-on experience with the state-of-the-art tools and techniques for neuroinformatics, analysis, modelling and simulation. [read more]

62. 7th International Workshop on HCITOCH 2016 - 7-9 September 2016, Turin, Italy

HCITOCH 2016 will be composed of research presentations, keynote lectures, invited presentations, doctoral consortium, demos, research-in-progress, poster presentations, and parallel sessions. [read more]

63. A personalised cure for head-and-neck cancer patients

Nowadays, radiotherapy alone or in combination with surgery and chemotherapy is the main treatment for head-andneck cancer. This approach has proven to be successful only in half of the cases. Radiation resistance and other clinical factors, such as the stage and size of the tumour, account for this high rate of failure. In order to increase the chances of cure for this specific type of tumours, scientists are investigating alternative methods. [read more]

64. Applied RDI – making innovation happen! - 26-27 September 2016, Seville, Spain

The seminar focuses on two central themes of applied RDI: student engagement in project activities and market-based applied RDI. The first day presents the different aspects of student engagement in research, including innovative solutions, such as crowdsourcing. Participants will be provided with real-life examples from different European countries on ongoing activities done by and involving students. The second day focuses on market-based research and cooperation, e.g. on knowledge transfer between higher education and SMEs, innovation vouchers and on development of professional/industrial PhDs. [read more]

65. BIEE Oxford 'Innovation and Disruption: the energy sector in transition' - 21-22 September 2016, Oxford, United Kingdom

The British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE) Oxford conference is a two day research conference that seeks to understand the drivers of change in energy, both positive and negative. The conference is aimed at energy analysts, researchers, strategy and policy thinkers from all backgrounds, including industry, academia, research organisations, government, the finance community, NGOs and consultancies. The conference is avowedly international in outlook and attendance. It is the mix of people and perspectives that makes this conference distinctive. [read more]

66. BLUEPRINT / IHEC Epigenome conference - 8-9 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

BLUEPRINT is a high impact project from the Seventh Framework program and as such is the European cornerstone of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC). This meeting is dedicated to disseminate the major outcomes of the BLUEPRINT project and state-of-the art research in the field of epigenomics and closely-related areas will be presented by high-profile speakers. [read more]

67. CONNECT SECURITY WORLD, Embedded Security for IoT Systems, Networks and Devices - 26-28 September 2016, Marseille, France

Connect Security World invites the "Digital Security community" to apply its expertise in trusted mobility and transactions to IoT security. Over 2.5 days, 80 speakers will present and discuss the latest HW/SW trusted technologies for IoT, methods to minimize risks in a security-by-design approach, lessons from implementations in key Verticals. [read more]

68. Cancer Vaccines - 21-22 September 2016, London, United Kingdom

SMi Group is thrilled to present the 5th annual Cancer Vaccines conference, taking place on 21st and 22nd September 2016 in Central London, UK. A imed at an audience of senior scientists and oncology specialists involved in targeted vaccines and drug research, Cancer Vaccines 2016 will provide a perfect platform to discuss pioneering clinical developments and the next generation of cancer immunotherapy. [read more]

69. Consciousness: is this what separates us from machines?

Our consciousness, or the movie of our own lives, is probably the main feature that makes us different from machines. The Radical Plasticity Thesis, a new theory for understanding our mind, states that consciousness is something that the brain learns to do rather than being a static property of our brain. [read more]

70. EUROPIC 2016 - 4-8 September 2016, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Europic is an international meeting on picornaviruses. This meeting brings together each 18 months, international researchers and experts in the field of picornaviruses. [read more]

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