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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

51. BLUEPRINT / IHEC Epigenome conference - 8-9 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

BLUEPRINT is a high impact project from the Seventh Framework program and as such is the European cornerstone of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC). This meeting is dedicated to disseminate the major outcomes of the BLUEPRINT project and state-of-the art research in the field of epigenomics and closely-related areas will be presented by high-profile speakers. [read more]

52. CITIES of the FUTURE-H2020 - 30 September 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

The “Cities of the Future 2016” Brokerage Event will bring together 300 researchers, industry professionals, government officials and policy makers from Europe and Turkey. The event will target the following H2020 calls: -‘Smart and Sustainable Cities’ and ‘Energy Efficient Buildings’ - ‘Factories of The Future’ - ‘Sustainable Process Industries’ and ‘Circular Economy’ - ‘The European Green Vehicles Initiative’. “Cities of the Future 2016” is meant as a wider concept that encompasses cities' overall energy and resource efficiency with profound economic, social and environmental impacts, resulting in a better quality of life. [read more]

53. CONNECT SECURITY WORLD, Embedded Security for IoT Systems, Networks and Devices - 26-28 September 2016, Marseille, France

Connect Security World invites the "Digital Security community" to apply its expertise in trusted mobility and transactions to IoT security. Over 2.5 days, 80 speakers will present and discuss the latest HW/SW trusted technologies for IoT, methods to minimize risks in a security-by-design approach, lessons from implementations in key Verticals. [read more]

54. Cancer Vaccines - 21-22 September 2016, London, United Kingdom

SMi Group is thrilled to present the 5th annual Cancer Vaccines conference, taking place on 21st and 22nd September 2016 in Central London, UK. A imed at an audience of senior scientists and oncology specialists involved in targeted vaccines and drug research, Cancer Vaccines 2016 will provide a perfect platform to discuss pioneering clinical developments and the next generation of cancer immunotherapy. [read more]

55. Consciousness: is this what separates us from machines?

Our consciousness, or the movie of our own lives, is probably the main feature that makes us different from machines. The Radical Plasticity Thesis, a new theory for understanding our mind, states that consciousness is something that the brain learns to do rather than being a static property of our brain. [read more]

56. EUROPIC 2016 - 4-8 September 2016, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Europic is an international meeting on picornaviruses. This meeting brings together each 18 months, international researchers and experts in the field of picornaviruses. [read more]

57. Events - 2016 Info Day on Horizon 2020 'Smart Grids and Storage' - 3 October 2016, Brussels

The event targets potential applicants to the calls for 'Smart Grids and Storage' projects, which will be funded under the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Secure, clean and efficient energy', and in particular under the 'Competitive low-carbon energy' (LCE) call (topics: LCE-01-2016-2017, LCE-04-2017 and LCE-05-2017). More information and the agenda will follow on the event page. Registration for the info day is compulsory and free of charge. Due to a limited number of seats, a maximum of two people from the same organisation can be registered. [read more]

58. Events - The COHRED Research Fairness Initiative Conference - 28 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The COHRED Research Fairness Initiative Conference will explore how the RFI functions within health research and innovation partnerships in Africa and Europe, bringing together results from CAAST-Net Plussupported RFI workshops in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. Early adopters from RFI pilot countries will present their experiences of RFI at institutional level and in their international research cooperation activities. The conference will take place at the Spanish Health Institute Carlos III (ISCIII), Brussels. [read more]

59. Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease - 7-9 September 2016, Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The 5th Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease meeting will once again bring together leading scientists and clinicians from the fields of microbiology, ecology, immunology, gastroenterology, dermatology and public health to discuss the latest developments in this fast-moving field. This meeting will update current knowledge of how various microbiomes (oral, gut, skin, lung etc.) communicate with the host and the factors that influence these interactions. The programme will discuss the new developments enabled by metagenomics, metabolomics and other technologies. [read more]

60. Genome Informatics - 19-22 September 2016, Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Biology is an experimental science that is experiencing an explosion of new data. This requires biologists to increase the scale and sophistication of the information technology used for their research. The conference scope encompasses a wide range of methods for the analysis of these data, including a focus on technologies such as variant-calling, transcriptomic analysis, and variant interpretation, applied to very large genomic data sets. This meeting alternates between Hinxton, UK and Cold Spring Harbor, New York. [read more]

Items 51-60 of 88 – Page: 1  2  3  4  5  7  8  9