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Thursday, 16 April 2015

21. Press Centre - European Commission launches €3m prize to improve air quality in cities

A prize of €3 million will be awarded to the person or team that develops the best material to reduce the concentration of particulate matter in urban areas, the European Commission announced today. The aim is to improve air quality in cities and reduce the serious health risks posed by particulate matter (PM), the air pollutant which has the most severe impact on health. [read more]

22. Success Stories - Vision of the future: new adaptable lens to prolong sight of aging eyes

As we age our eyes lose their ability to focus quickly on near and far objects. Presbyopia is a common problem that comes with aging, but its causes are not yet fully understood. There is evidence that the crystalline lens inside the eye loses its elasticity and therefore its distance-focusing capabilities. [read more]

23. Trending science: Dogs sniff out chemicals linked to prostate cancer

Researchers in Italy have published a study suggesting that trained dogs can detect chemicals linked to prostate cancer from urine samples. [read more]

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

24. CHAIN-REDS paves way for global e-Infrastructure ecosystem for researchers

The CHAIN-REDS project team met at its final conference to discuss progress on creating an international e-infrastructure ecosystem for researchers. [read more]

26. Research Headlines - Recycled water makes a splash

Donated organs are a rare and precious gift - but, unfortunately, some can't actually be used because they don't offer much hope of a successful transplant. An EU-funded research project focusing on kidneys and livers has set out to improve the odds. [read more]

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

27. Research Headlines - Enzymes - a new weapon in the war on drugs in water

Conventional water treatment technologies do not remove all of the pharmaceutical residues currently found in wastewater. Helping to eliminate a potential health threat, an EU-funded project has shown that enzymes can be used to neutralise these drugs when treating wastewater. [read more]

28. Towards a systemic approach for smart cities: major works ahead as CITyFiED changes gear

A lively and productive working environment was the signature for the second CITyFiED project meeting held in Izmir and Soma, Turkey, 24-26 March [read more]

29. Why and how an Icelandic company contributes to FET projects?

Össur, a company with headquarters based in Iceland and whose mission is to improve people's mobility, is a partner in two FET projects, BIOMOT and SYMBITRON. Learn more about those projects and how Össur contributes to them. [read more]

Monday, 13 April 2015

30. 2nd Barcelona Citizen Science Day

The second edition of the Barcelona Citizen Science Day will gather 24 projects and 33 speakers presenting the trends and topics in citizen science. [read more]

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