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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

21. Events - SAVE THE DATE! Latvian Presidency Conference: First Innovative Enterprise Week - 15-17 June 2015, Riga, Latvia

First Innovative Enterprise week “Access to Finance for Research, Innovation and SMEs 2015” is a 3-day international conference on: • the political answer to the macroeconomic situation • ways to boost growth, jobs and competitiveness through innovation, including the investment Plan for the EU • how the financial instruments, facilities and accompanying measures launched under Horizon 2020 can enhance access to finance for research, innovation and SMEs • interactions between these financial instruments, COSME's and European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF), as well as with instruments at national and local levels. [read more]

22. International Cooperation - The Faroe Islands sign their association to Horizon 2020

The European Union and the Faroe Islands have signed today (17 December 2014) the agreement to associate the archipelago to Horizon 2020. This brings the number of countries associated to the EU's new research funding programme to twelve. [read more]

23. Research Headlines - Repairing wind turbine blades at dizzying heights

Wind turbine towers are growing taller, with rotor blade diameters exceeding 100 metres. And like any other machine, these 'giants' occasionally need repairing. EU-funded researchers have now started to develop a novel system for on-site maintenance. [read more]

24. Some insights on Horizon 2020's work programme for 2016/2017

Published on: 17-December-2014 In a meeting organised this week by IGLO, the Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices, was presented an outline of the EU's work programme for the years 2016-2017 on Hori (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

25. 2nd DEVOTES Annual Meeting hosted by CoNISMa, in Ancona, Italy

Two years after the DEVOTES project kick-off, the 2nd Annual Meeting was hosted by the partner CoNISMA (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare) in Ancona (Italy) from 2 to 5 December. [read more]

26. Another successful trainers’ training event for the STEPMAN project

The aim of the STEPMAN project (286887) is to create a STEP-NC compliant manufacturing support application for machining technologies such as milling and turning to respond to the global requirement for an interoperable and bidirectional manufacturing platform for SMEs in order to increase their competitiveness. The performance of the application will be tested on milling and turning manufacturing. [read more]

27. Developing a reliable wind ‘super grid’ for Europe

An EU-funded project is developing a pan-European wind power ‘super grid’ and training the next generation of renewable energy experts. [read more]

28. Fisheries Management - Crucial CFP Issues Discussed

The final SOCIOEC project meeting took place in the Aquarium Tropical Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris, France from 19-20 November 2014. As the project is nearing its end date in February 2015, this meeting provided an ideal opportunity for the partners to review the results achieved so far and plan for the concluding activities of the project. [read more]

29. Global CO2 emissions increase to new all-time record, but growth is slowing down - 16 Dec 2014

2013 saw global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production reach a new all-time high. This was mainly due to the continuing steady increase in energy use in emerging economies over the past ten years.  However, emissions increased at a notably slower rate (2%) than on average in the last ten years (3.8% per year since 2003, excluding the credit crunch years). [read more]

30. Helix Nebula Initiative & PICSE: Enabling a Dynamic Cloud Ecosystem in Europe

Over 50 managers, cloud providers, policy makers, procurers and researchers dealing with the adoption of cloud computing gathered recently for the workshop “Enabling a Dynamic Cloud Ecosystem". The event was hosted by the European Space Agency, ESA ESRIN in Frascati, Italy and organized by the Helix Nebula Initiative - HNI ( and the newly-launched project, Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe - PICSE ( [read more]

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