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Friday, 12 June 2015

191. Research Headlines - Propelled towards more efficient ships and boats

An EU-funded project shows that alternative propulsion systems and new hull designs could improve the efficiency of ships and barges by at least 15%. More efficient vessels will help to keep prices - and emissions - down. [read more]

192. STARTS Symposium

The STARTS symposium will explore the catalytic role of the Arts for innovation in business, industry and society will be explored and particpants will look into how to foster it. Possible synergies will be analyzed from an entrepreneurial, technological, scientific, social, and artistic angle. Already existing collaboration of S&T with the Arts in European Commission funded projects will be particularly highlighted. [read more]

193. Success Stories - Towards (nutritious) food for all

The world produces enough food for everyone, and yet hunger and malnutrition endure. Why is this so, how will the situation evolve, and what can be done to achieve food and nutrition security for all? An EU-funded project is generating new knowledge and preparing recommendations for policy-makers. [read more]

Thursday, 11 June 2015

194. Discover the ITER Divertor Remote Handling System

How will high-tech robotics and virtual reality platforms help us to operate ITER? [read more]

195. EGI Community Forum 2015: Building Next Generation e-Infrastructures through Communities - 10-13 November 2015, Bari, Italy

The EGI Community Forum aims at gathering tool developers, infrastructure providers, data providers and research communities to work together towards open science. Nowadays, research practice is increasingly - and in many cases exclusively - data driven. Knowledge of how to use tools to manipulate research data, and the availability of e-infrastructures to support them, are foundational. Along with this, new types of communities are forming around interests in digital tools, computing facilities and data repositories. By making infrastructure services, community engagement and training inseparable, existing communities can be empowered by new ways of doing research, and new communities can be created around tools and data. (Registration opening in July. [read more]

196. First Eastern Partnership Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy

On 11 June 2015 the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in close cooperation with the Commission organized in Luxembourg the first Eastern Partnership Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy. The meeting was co-chaired by the Minister of Transport of Latvia Mr Anrijs Matīss, and Commission’s Vice President Andrus Ansip. [read more]

197. Mapping out the future of the internet

EU-funded researchers with the MAPPING project have developed a new observatory to monitor policies and projects that focus on the social and legal impact of the internet. [read more]

198. Research Headlines - Tapping Europe's mineral potential to increase competitiveness

The development of an advanced pan-European raw material database is helping mining companies identify untapped sources, thus reducing our reliance on imports. In addition, new cleaner processing technologies promise to make Europe's mining industries more competitive, creating jobs. [read more]

199. Success Stories - Why buy when you can 'servicize'?

In industrial societies, consumption has traditionally been an end in itself. Growth is achieved by selling more products, but often also results in unnecessary waste, resource depletion, pollution and other environmental damage. It doesn't have to be this way. Research by an EU-funded project indicates that a switch to a more service-oriented approach could be better for the environment and society as a whole, while boosting growth and competitiveness. [read more]

200. Trending science: Three finalists vie to become concept for next ESA mission

Exoplanets, plasma physics and the X-ray Universe have been announced as the three finalist topics for the European Space Agency’s next medium-class mission. [read more]

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