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Friday, 03 July 2015

11. Research Headlines - Providing electric vehicles with longer lasting energy

EU-funded researchers have used novel carbon materials to make lightweight, energy-efficient supercapacitors, the energy storage devices that supply power to electric vehicles during acceleration. Their work promises to extend the distance electric vehicles can travel before a recharge. This improved performance could boost their appeal on the market, help make EU manufacturers more competitive, and contribute to the EU's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. [read more]

12. iBeacon technology powers a new Smart Public Transport project in Bucharest

Romanian tech firm Onyx Beacon is teaming up with the local authorities in Bucharest to install 500 iBeacon devices on buses across the metropolis. It's hoped that the new Smart Public Transport (SPT) initiative will make the city safer and more accessible for the estimated 12,000 visually impaired citizens who live there. [read more]

Thursday, 02 July 2015

13. Crowdfunding workshop - Funding Research, Innovation and Culture in a New Digital Age: Opportunities and challenges for European crowdfunding champions

This workshop on alternative finance aims to understand the platforms operating specifically in research, innovation and cultural sectors. Participants will take a look at their state of play and will exchange views on possible EU action. The workshop will gather crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs, philanthropic foundations and policy makers. The event is organised by the European Commission (DG CONNECT and DG RTD). [read more]

14. ESF Panel "Online tools to support transdisciplinary research" at ITD 2015 Conference

The International Transdisciplinarity (ITD) Conference brings together the international community of transdisciplinary scholars and aims at collectively advancing and improving theory and practice of transdisciplinary research. It is organised by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net). [read more]

15. Events - The Role of the Transatlantic Partnership in the Future of Global Governance - 2 July 2015, Brussels

Today the FP7 funded social science research project, TRANSWORLD, is having its final public conferences in Brussels, where experts from both sides of the Atlantic will discuss the future of EU-US cooperation in shaping global governance as well as the BRICS and the challenge of governance. The open door conference will be followed by closed-door policy briefings by experts from TRANSWORLD at the European Parliament and the European External Action Service on TTIP, Asia, COP21 and EU relations with Russia. [read more]

16. GEO 2015 Short Video Competition - 2 July - 30 September 2015, Mexico City, Mexico

The Group on Earth Observations is pleased to announce the kick-off of the GEO 2015 Short Video Competition for the GEO-XII Plenary and Ministerial Summit! The competition seeks short (up to 3 minutes) videos highlighting how GEO, and Earth observations in general, are helping to address global and regional environmental and societal challenges. Winning videos will be shown during the GEO Ministerial Summit in Mexico City on 13 November 2015. The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2015. For more details, go to: Please share this announcement with friends, colleagues, members and other networks. [read more]

17. Getting to the roots of better crops

To feed all, crop production needs to double, while coping with the effects of climate change – such as reduced water availability in many parts of the world – and trying to reduce the negative impacts of agricultural fertilisers.We need food crops that produce better yields by accessing and absorbing water and nutrients more efficiently. “For 10 000 years, agriculture focused on the top half of plants,” explains Prof. Bennett. But the key to this lies underground. [read more]

18. Publication of book: Portrait of a Lady

An ESF Exploratory Workshop 'Portrait of a Lady: Women in Science' was convened by Sveva Avveduto in September 2013 and has resulted in a book [read more]

19. Research Headlines - Shipbuilding on a tide of innovation

Whether an innovative concept sinks or swims depends on customer acceptance, among other things. Moving into uncharted waters can be unnerving. An EU-funded project dedicated to innovation in shipbuilding has devised new business models in a bid to build client confidence. It has also developed new products and techniques. [read more]

20. Three books from The Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges (EUROAC) project

The Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges (EUROAC) was a Collaborative Research Project, coordinated by Ulrich Teichler and Barbara M. Kehm (University of Kassel, Germany) under the umbrella of the EUROCORES programme Higher Education and Social Change. Three books in... [read more]

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