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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

11. Success Stories - Virtual tests for aircraft innovation safety

New materials can make aircraft greener and quieter. But how would these planes behave in an emergency water landing? An EU-funded project's experiments and computer simulation tools are contributing to better understanding of the complicated phenomena involved in developing even safer and more cost-effective designs. [read more]

12. The Power of Programming 2016 - Developmental Origins of Adiposity and Long-term Health - 13-15 October 2016, Munich, Germany

International experts from clinical science, basic research and epidemiological studies are brought together with a joint focus on long term consequences of early nutrition and lifestyle factors on obesity and related disorders. Partners of the EU funded project EarlyNutrition are happy to share their research approaches and results with colleagues from all over the world. This conference builds on our preceding and very successful international conferences in Munich in 2010 and 2014 where 500-600 participants joined for a comprehensive exchange of latest research findings. [read more]

13. The cognitive art of team sports

Many human achievements, from planning and executing architecture plans to performing surgeries, piano duets and tangoes, are the result of collaboration. According to Prof. Sebanz, teamwork is key for the advancement of human civilisation and heavily relies on joint actions. These occur whenever two or more people interact with one another to coordinate a particular action in space and time, in order to accomplish a shared goal. [read more]

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

14. Research Headlines - Savage warfare: examining the past

In war, there are rules - but sometimes countries decide that they don't apply. Colonial campaigns, for example, were often seen as exceptions. EU-funded research is studying several fought over a century ago. Ancient history? Hardly. Many aspects of this troubled past remain relevant to current debates as the world attempts to tackle terrorism. [read more]

15. Success Stories - Replacing oil in plastics production with organic waste

Alternative energy sources are gradually replacing fossil fuels, but can oil be replaced in the production of the plastics we all use in our daily lives? Innovative technologies are replacing oil with vegetable components to make plastics with fascinating properties. [read more]

Monday, 25 July 2016

16. Events - EBN Congress 2016 - Design for Innovation - 28-30 September 2016, Guimaraes, Portugal

Whilst technology-driven innovation has been a fundamental contributor to the prosperity of Europe, the recognition is emerging that design-driven, non-technological innovation is now also a route to competitiveness. The economic significance of design is based on its potential as an enabler to create reliable, desirable, user-driven products and services that are ecologically and economically responsible. Design is not just about the way things look, it is also about the way they work. Design creates value and contributes to competitiveness, prosperity, and well-being in Europe. [read more]

17. Horizon 2020: Work Programme update supports competitiveness through open science.

European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 25 July 2016 Spanning seven years (2014 to 2020) and working with a budget of €77 billion, Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation funding programme ever. Today, the European Commission confirmed the calls and other actions of the second year of... [read more]

18. IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Automation (ETFA) - 6-9 September 2016, Berlin

The aim of the ETFA 2016 conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of technology, as well as actual and potential applications to industrial and factory automation. [read more]

19. Major JT-60SA magnet component arrives in Japan

The first Toroidal Field coil has arrived from Europe to the JT-60SA site in Naka, Japan, where its assembly will soon begin. [read more]

20. New Commission online tool to measure fuel costs and CO2 emissions of your car journey - 25 Jul 2016

In line with the Commission's ambition to move towards low and zero-emission vehicles, the JRC has developed an online tool to help citizens estimate fuel costs and CO2 emissions of their daily commute or holiday trips by car, for instance. [read more]

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