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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

11. European Innovation Scoreboard

Commission - Fact Sheet European Innovation Scoreboard Brussels, 20 June 2017 Frequently Asked Questions What is the European Innovation Scoreboard? The annual European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) provides a comparative assessment of research and innovation performance and the relative strengths and weaknesses of national research and innovation systems. [read more]

12. Research Headlines - How producing clever metal parts can cut industry costs

An EU-funded project has helped to turn a promising method of producing metal parts for cars, planes and tools into a mainstream industrial process. The project has put in place a functioning supply chain and identified best practices that will enable manufacturers to deliver high-end products in a cost-effective manner. [read more]

13. Success Stories - Could a 'smart mirror' replace your doctor for disease diagnosis?

When you look into a Wize Mirror, it looks back at you. It is a prototype of a smart mirror that detects disease symptoms. [read more]

Monday, 19 June 2017

14. Biopharma meets IT: PERMIDES MatchMaking Lunch in Heidelberg - 12 July 2017, Heidelberg, Germany

On 12 July, biopharma SMEs and IT SMEs are invited to a matchmaking lunch at Heidelberg’s Technology Park. Up 15 biopharma companies can pitch their project ideas and needs, followed by the presentation of up 15 IT companies highlighting their services and references. The matchmaking with potential partners will be facilitated by a 1:1 speed-dating format. PERMIDES (Personalized Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions) is a H2020 project organized by 3 biopharma and 3 IT clusters from Germany, Austria and Norway. The project aims at bringing together European SMEs from the biopharmaceutical and IT sector to develop of novel digital solutions addressing challenges along the biopharma value chain. [read more]

15. Events - How economic and social actors can champion CO2 phase-out - EUSEW policy session - 22 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Projects funded under the Horizon 2020 funding programme will contribute to the DG Research and Innovation & EASME coordinated policy session on 'How economic and social actors can champion CO2 phase-out' which will take place on 22 June from 16.00 - 17.30 at Résidence Palace (Salle Maelbeek). Description: Greenhouse gas emissions will need to rapidly fall from now to 2050 if we are to keep the European and global economy on a track consistent with the Paris Agreement. Incremental gains in energy or production efficiency will not provide the necessary emission reductions, while the profound transformation required will put the whole economy, and some sectors especially, in front of a great challenge. [read more]

16. Research Headlines - New sustainable indicators to protect fish stocks and economy

EU-funded researchers have developed new indicators to determine fisheries' maximum sustainable yields that fully respect ecological, economic and social sustainability. These indicators will feed into Europe's fisheries management plans for all regions. [read more]

Friday, 16 June 2017

17. Research Headlines - Innovative solutions to solve city water shortages

The rise in the number of people living in cities - predicted to reach 80 % by 2020 - coupled with climate change is straining Europe's water supplies. An EU-funded project has demonstrated innovative technologies and approaches to tackle water scarcity. [read more]

Thursday, 15 June 2017

18. European Commission presents a communication on the ITER project

The document aims at getting the support of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the revised budget and schedule. [read more]

19. European Science Advisors Forum (E S A F) - 3rd meeting - 29 June 2017, Amsterdam

The 3rd meeting of ESAF is taking place on 29th June 2017, in Amsterdam. It will be hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). ESAF is an independent, informal forum of European science-based strategic policy advisers. Among its primary aims are to contribute to strengthening the evidence base for policy-making and to share best practices in providing scientific advice for policy. ESAF may use synergies between scientific advice structures at national and European level, including SAM. [read more]

20. Research Headlines - Assisted living technology made easy

Some people take pleasure in an epic struggle to configure a new wireless device. Others, not so much. For them, it would be great if the electronics they need could, please, just sort themselves out to work straight out of the box. An EU-funded project has found a way to achieve this level of user-friendliness for assisted living technologies. [read more]

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