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Friday, 04 July 2014

181. Reducing the environmental impact of farms along the 'Atlantic Arc'&65533;

Livestock production in certain parts of Europe follows an intensive model which, while economically beneficial, is often damaging to the environment. Side effects of the intensive model of pig, poultry and cattle production include emissions of greenhouse gases (ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane) and soil and water pollution by nitrates. The EU-funded BATFARM ('Evaluation of Best Available Techniques to decrease air and water pollution in animal FARMs') project may soon be able to help farmers to reduce negative environmental impacts. Quality validation date: 2014-07-04 [read more]

182. Research Headlines - Safer designs for ultra-large container ships

Compared to smaller vessels, the largest container ships afloat are likelier to pick up vibrations caused by waves. These vibrations can cause structural damage, potentially endangering lives. This difference must be taken into account when new ultra-large container ships (ULCSs) are built. EU-funded research has charted a course towards safer ship design. [read more]

183. Russia in EUREKA, the Russian viewpoint on transnational collaboration in innovation (part 1)

Published on: 04-July-2014 Today and more than ever before, read more]

Source: EUREKA News

184. Success Stories - New tools to fight tuberculosis and other chronic infections

A groundbreaking European research project focused on tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment has developed potentially life-saving novel drug candidates and new diagnostics for the condition. [read more]

185. Trending science: The curious case of the disappearing sea rubbish

When you think about the Earth’s oceans you probably imagine stretches of deep, dark water, exotic marine life and pristine waves. You probably don’t think of vast islands of plastic waste such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an expanse of rubbish which some say is bigger than the continental United States. It was feared that collections of plastic debris like this were growing in line with our increasing rates of plastic production over the past decades. Quality validation date: 2014-07-04 [read more]

Thursday, 03 July 2014

186. A European Industrial Strategic Roadmap for Micro- and Nano-Electronic Components and Systems: Implementation Plan

The Electronics Leaders Group (ELG) proposes an Implementation Plan of the European Industrial Strategic Roadmap which lays down the detailed actions to achieve the target of doubling the economic value of semiconductors production in Europe by 2020-2025. [read more]

187. A global index to monitor climate-resilient development

A recently published JRC report makes recommendations on the creation of a global index to monitor the progress of climate-resilient development policies. The index should include metrics on extreme climate events, climate vulnerability and adaptive capacity, taking into account the climate vulnerability of ecosystem services and the role of natural resources in climate adaptation. As a first step towards building the index, JRC scientists propose to construct a platform which will act as interface between science and policy on climate-resilient development. [read more]

188. Events - Launch of the European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction - 8 July 2014, Brussels

The creation of the European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction was decided in the Commission Communication on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons using high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the EU, issued on 22 January 2014. The network aims to "[bring] together practitioners from industry, research, academia as well as civil society. The Network will collect, analyse and review results from exploration projects as well as assess the development of technologies used in unconventional gas and oil projects". [read more]

189. Forecasting the development of breakthrough technologies to enable novel space missions

A new report, Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK), has been published today by the European Science Foundation. [read more]

190. Press Centre - Have your say on the future of science: public consultation on Science 2.0

The European Commission has today launched a public consultation on ‘Science 2.0’, in order to gauge the trend towards a more open, data-driven and people-focused way of doing research and innovation. Researchers are using digital tools to get thousands of people participating in research, for example by asking them to report if they catch flu in order to monitor outbreaks and predict possible epidemics. [read more]

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