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This Syndicated News page contains articles for the last 30 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research Area. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

161. ITER Director General welcomes Euronews on site

Find out the merits of fusion energy and see the progress of the ITER construction. [read more]

162. Lithuania and Switzerland launch joint EUREKA call for projects

Published on: 29-April-2015 Lithuania and Switzerland have announced a joint call for research project proposals. Research organisations and companies from both countries are invited to submit joi (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

163. Lymphocytes versus hepatitis B virus: caught in action

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes are the armed soldiers of our immune system. They circulate throughout the body blood vessels searching for infected or transformed cells, seeking to destroy them. However, how these lymphocytes actually reach and attack liver cells infected by the hepatitis B virus (known as HBV) has remained unknown for long. Prof. Guidotti and Dr Iannacone have now captured, in real time and from the inside, the body's immune response during the various stages of an HBV infection of liver cells.Crawling sentinels with lethal tentacles [read more]

164. New tools designed to achieve big fuel savings in fishing vessels

AZTI, the expert R&D centre in marine and foodstuff innovation, has presented energy efficiency developments for vessels: the product ‘GESTOIL’ (on-board consumption measuring and monitoring) and the service 'AUDOIL' (fishing vessel energy audit). These are two success stories in technological innovation allowing fuel savings of between 5 % and 25 % to be made in the vessel’s annual consumption figure, depending on the type of fishing activity. [read more]

165. PROGRESS-TT expert group prepare capacity building strategy for Technology Transfer professionals

Sixteen Technology Transfer experts got together for a one-day workshop organised by the PROGRESS-TT project in Brussels last month. Together they brainstormed the content of a pan-European Capacity Building Strategy (CBS) for Technology Transfer Professionals. [read more]

166. Research Headlines - Genetic test for more effective thrombosis treatment

EU-funded researchers have developed a DNA test to help determine the correct dose of anticoagulant medication for people at risk of thrombosis, a blood-clotting condition that affects millions worldwide. Their work is advancing the emerging field of pharmacogenetics that aims to provide patients with personalised and more effective treatment based on their genetic profile. [read more]

167. Solid, heat-resistant vaccine to ease immunisation processes

EU-funded researchers have set out to substitute liquid and freeze-dried vaccines for new, solid state candidates. If successful, the research will enable the large scale production of new virosome-based vaccines with increased stability, longer shelf life and less invasive administration methods. [read more]

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

168. Engineering safer cities

Protecting our heritage [read more]

169. Events - EU Brokerage event on advanced manufacturing and processing - 24 June 2015, Nantes, France

Get in touch with your future EU projects' partners! The French and UK National Contact Points for NMP and Enterprise Europe Network Pays de la Loire organise a European Brokerage Event with the objectives to draw lessons from the first Horizon 2020 calls in 2014-2015 and anticipate the second round of calls for 2016-2017. It is the opportunity for all participants to inform their peers in the European community about their project ideas and expert profiles, and to meet with representatives from SMEs, large enterprises and academics who could become future partners. [read more]

170. Events - International Networking Day on Factories of the Future - 19 May 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Factories of the Future is the public-private partnership between the European Commission and the research and innovation community. It aims at delivering the technologies needed for the new sustainable and competitive manufacturing in Europe. Factories of the Future is implemented under the EU's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. More about the initiative at Participate in the networking day and learn about the upcoming calls for proposals, and the Polish R&I funding system and possibilities for funding synergies. [read more]

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