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Tuesday, 06 January 2015

141. European Technical School on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015 - 22-26 June 2015, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

The European Technical School on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015 is funded by the European Commission under the H2FC project and coordinated by the University of Ulster. The sessions at the European Technical School on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015 address the themes of hydrogen safety, storage and fuel cells. The programme will include topical lectures, outcomes of H2FC transnational access, e-infrastructure for hydrogen and fuel cell research: hydrogen safety, storage and fuel cells, hands-on training session for use of the Cyber-laboratory and poster presentations on state-of-the-art research. [read more]

142. Research Headlines - Planning the future of wave and tidal energy

When it comes to renewable energies, wind and solar power have already become staples of our electricity mix. Wave and tidal energy could be next in line. EU-funded researchers are already making waves, aiming to help industry cut costs and increase reliability with innovative decision-making software. [read more]

143. What are EUREKA associated countries?

Published on: 06-January-2015 While the centre of gravity of the global economy continues to shift towards countries outside of Europe, the landscape for innovation is changing rapidly, notably thro (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

Monday, 05 January 2015

144. Events - Envisioning XXIst Century Museums - 21-23 January 2015, Milano

MeLa - European Museums in an age of migrations is a multi-disciplinary Research Project funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme. The MeLa Project has adopted the notion of "migration" as a paradigm of the contemporary global and multi-cultural world, in order to identify and investigate new roles and practices for twenty-first century museums in Europe. The MeLa Final Event will take place in Milan on 21-23 January 2015. This three-day event was conceived to provide a critical overview on the main findings and results ensuing from the investigations, as well as to further the critical debate about the transformation of contemporary museums, through an inter-disciplinary and forward-looking discussion aimed at opening new perspectives building on the MeLa Projects outcomes. Attendance is free, but registration is required. [read more]

145. Events - Evidence-based policy-making for innovation and resource-efficiency - 18 March 2015, Brussels

The conference will gather together scientists, policy-makers and non-governmental stakeholders from European institutions and Member States to discuss new concepts and indicators for evidence-based policy making for innovation and resource-efficiency. [read more]

146. Events - Latvian Presidency Conference: First Innovative Enterprise Week - 15-17 June 2015, Riga, Latvia

First Innovative Enterprise week “Access to Finance for Research, Innovation and SMEs 2015” is a 3-day international conference on: • the political answer to the macroeconomic situation • ways to boost growth, jobs and competitiveness through innovation, including the investment Plan for the EU • how the financial instruments, facilities and accompanying measures launched under Horizon 2020 can enhance access to finance for research, innovation and SMEs • interactions between these financial instruments, COSME's and European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF), as well as with instruments at national and local levels. The conference will bring together high level policy-makers, financial intermediaries and representatives of the research, innovation and business communities. [read more]

147. New method to verify reported vessel positions - 05 Jan 2015

The JRC, in collaboration with the Italian coast guard service, has developed a new method to verify whether ship positions reported with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) are correct. This effective method does not need any additional sensors or technologies and it makes it possible to validate reported data and detect unintentionally incorrect, jammed or deliberately falsified information reported by ships. [read more]

148. Research Headlines - A closer look at corruption, and how to fight it

The battle against corruption has been a challenge ever since the first bribe was exchanged for private gain. There have been some successes and many failures. In response, EU-funded researchers are taking a fresh look at one of the murkiest sides of human behaviour. Their studies have already yielded results - steps towards practical solutions to an age-old problem. [read more]

Friday, 02 January 2015

149. Building trust in fuel cell hydrogen safety

Dr Lourdes F. Vega, project coordinator of H2TRUST, explains how the project will support the transition to the commercialisation of FCH applications. [read more]

150. Connecting Jordan to the global scientific community

An EU-funded programme is providing researchers in Jordan with access to academic resources in the region and across the world. [read more]

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